Welcome to Project Real Life REDO, a project to re-start the (closed and finished) Project Real Life Workshop with some friends. Project Real Life was a 4Expert course by by Becky Higgins I took care of Big Picture Classes.

Last week I re-did the Week 2 content, which was all centered around “first things first” (the digital card above came with the class). Like last week, this prompt lead to a lot of journaling and reflecting.

I also worked through the photo and journaling prompts, which will be included in a weekly Project Life insert using a trimmed down Design A. You’ll get to see the actual pages next week with a Project Life spread, today is all about the documentation.


Something Little Taking care of our growing plant collecting is becoming increasingly important to our family. Not only do we love getting to eat fresh herbs (and someday fruit!), but we also love taking care of them. Jonas and Eliza fight over taking turns to water them and I’ve been checking on our lone ripening strawberry daily to try to catch it ripe before the birds do.

This week threatened frost, so we brought all of the herbs into our kitchen. They filled the entire table!


Bumped Up Priority We’re trying to make using more fresh, local foods a priority and have been going to City Market weekly! (More on that here.)


Daily Firsts The first things I usually do on weekday mornings are open Jonas’s door, hug him, and get Eliza’s outfit together (or sleep in a few minutes if Jake does these things). I usually read e-mails on my phone in the morning, too. But my top priority every morning is to get a pot of coffee going as soon as possible!


Leisure Reading relaxes me. I love it so, so much. Right now my big reading project is to re-read 31 of my favorite books.


Health Habit My best health habit right now is daily yoga. As soon as nap time rolls around, I’m stretching, moving, and breathing. I feel, think, and sleep so much better when I do it! Hoping that this will be a month for running, too.

(Also, three months without pop! Wahoo!)

*There’s stuff about the kids and Jake that would fit into the prompts this week, but I wanted to save those stories for the main Project Life spread.

If you’re doing a Project Real Life REDO too, head over to Document Life Workshop to link-up!