Yesterday: Best. Day. Ever. Eliza, Jake, and I went to Planet Comicon for a day filled with nerdy awesomeness.


We headed straight for the most important Comicon place for Buffy obsessed Eliza and I: the Nicholas Brendon signing line. Yep, that’s Xander, holding Eliza. She’s been doing cartwheels ever since (and I’m nerding out too, of course!)


She was really shy (it would have been a better idea to take a few pictures with awesome costumed people first as a warm-up). He asked if she was named after Eliza–Nope, but it’s a pretty cool bonus to have someone as awesome as Eliza Dushku share your name! We told him that she’d seen all of the episodes except the raunchy ones, and he told her she’d get to see all of them when she’s older. She’s excited about that, but it did cause a debate later in the day (“Why do I have to wait until I get older? Why can’t I just leave the room during inappropriate parts?”)

She also told him that he she liked his acting and she thought he did a really good job.

When we got home, E felt so special that there’s now a picture of her on HIS Twitter account:


Still buzzing with excitement, we took on the rest of the con. The most exciting part for Eliza was getting to spot people dressed as her favorite characters and talking with them. She got to hold Dr. Horrible’s stun ray and sing a few lines with him.


She was a little nervous to stand with the Star Wars folks because sandpeople aren’t exactly friendly. One of the Jedis kindly let Eliza borrow a lightsaber so she could “poke the sandpeople if they got wily.”


Eliza found the club of her future: building working R2-D2 robots. They made sounds and rolled around, controlled by remotes. That was so neat. They had R2s in different stages of development, so Eliza could try to figure out what they were made of.


We, of course, had to hang out with evil Dr. Horrible.

IMG_7767 (1)

And Captain Hammer (corporate tool).


She was almost more shy to meet Spiderman than Nicholas Brendon.


This guy’s Wolverine was spot on.

We’re so going to have to dress up next year.


Other than getting to meet awesome people, we also listened to a few panels. There were more we would have like to see on Saturday, but we could only make it Sunday. We did get to sit in to see Adam Baldwin, who was completely hilarious.

We also did some shopping. We all got a few comics, and Eliza had to look at EVERY booth to make sure she was spending her $20 wisely.

photo 3

Her big purchase was a book about fairies. She thought it was so amazing that she got to buy the book from the real artist!


We had an awesome time, and we learned a couple things from our first con:

1) We need to plan our visit around the panels we want to see.

2) Not taking Jonas is totally the way to go.

3) We need to budget A LOT more money for these types of events. We were super proud of ourselves for staying in our set budget, but I was pining after the one that got away (specifically, Tony Moore posters and signatures).

4) It would have been a good idea to bring something sturdy, like two pieces of cardboard or a big book, to protect prints. We were carrying some around most of the day because we were scared they’d get damaged.

We also did some things right from the get-go, including explaining to Eliza rules about touching things, designating a meet-up spot if anyone got separated or lost, bringing a tiny bit more money than we wanted to spend (we went 50 cents over), eating power food before, wearing comfortable clothes, and bringing a bag that just happens to be comic book shaped.


Dear Planet Comicon. Will model for tickets. Love, Eliza.

Have you ever been to a con? What was your experience like?

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