Suzy Q Malibu

For the first time in three years, we are a two car family. This here is Suzy Q Malibu, and now she’s mine! (Even though I haven’t driven her yet. But it took me a month to drive Abraham, our Lincoln, and about two months to drive it out of the neighborhood. So it’s not that weird. For me, anyway.)

So here’s the story: My grandpa bought my Aunt Beth Suzy here for graduating college (he’s a wiz and finding cheap, amazing cars that little old ladies have only driven to church and bingo weekly) and I got Beth’s first car: Lucy, a Tempo with 200,000 miles on it. That was my first car at 18 and I appreciated it so, so much.

After Jake and I graduated college in 2010, I wasn’t driving that car much. I took it to the post office maybe once a week, and I walked everywhere else during the week, and Jake and I were joined at the hip on weekends. My little sister Taylor, then in high school, had to have my mom and my grandpa take her to and from school, which ended up taking about 45 extra minutes out of each of their days.

Jake and I decided to give Lucy to Taylor, because she (and my mom and grandpa) needed it far more than we did. After that, I continued to walk most of the time when I needed to go places, and if I need the car for a doctor’s appointment or something, I took Jake to work and picked him up.

We haven’t minded the one car thing. I don’t need to take the car very often (maybe once or twice a month), it lowers our expenses for maintenance and insurance, and it encourages me to get out and walk more, which I love. And our carbon footprint is a little smaller.

But there are some pain-in-the-butt things about only having one car. It has limited the extracurriculars Eliza can do to weekends because it’s too hard to get her to practices or events on weeknights. If we don’t make it to buy groceries on the weekends, it ends up being really hard to fit the shopping in during the week. And it limits the fun activities Jonas and I can do to our neighborhood.

Suzy Q Malibu

So when Beth decided to buy a new car, in a wonderful feat of family karma and indescribable generosity, my grandpa offered to buy her old car for me. And even though I feel awkward about accepting a gift this large (how do I EVER EVER properly say thank-you properly for a CAR???) it is going to be a game changer. I still don’t plan on driving very often, but Eliza can take dance or theater classes, Jonas and I can go to the zoo or the Wednesday farmer’s market, and we can use it as a trade-in next year or the year after when we need to get a vehicle that will hold more people. And the extra car insurance? Less than $20 a month.

So I’m excited about this, and so incredibly grateful. Looking forward to a little life change.

P.S. Beth started the car-naming tradition for Lucy, and she named Suzy Q too. Our current car is Abraham (the Lincoln, get it?) and the one that got smooshed last year in the hit and run was Daniel.

Do you name vehicles?