I wrote about starting the March prompt for for Ali Edward’s One Little Word to take action, and I just finished up reflecting about it. My March Action wasn’t really something that needed to be broken down into daily tasks, so I decided to make two actions lists as to-do lists for things I want to FINISH for work and play.


The fun one was only for half of the month and was largely created to make sure that Spring Break was awesome. I put little dots by the things we did do so I could see how much we finished. It might look like a bad score to some of you, but my goal is always to put more on my lists than I can do, so I have options and I can battle idol hands (or brains) if needed. So 10/18 might not look awesome, but those were 10 things we probably wouldn’t have done if I hadn’t taken the time to write them out as intentions.


In case you can’t read my handwriting:

We didn’t do everything on the list. We didn’t do all the stuff on the dates written, either. Sometimes it was because of crazy circumstances like crazy snow or spending the night with grandparents. Sometimes, it was because we did other FUN stuff instead: record a vlog, read books, visit friends, or hunt for worms. (We made a compost too!) I’m glad for the actions, because they made me get creative about activities & put playing at the top of my to-do.


The work actions are way more boring, and you probably won’t understand all of my abbreviations, but basically I finished the Document Life Workshop Store with Allie and Jake, launched the recipe book templates, learned a new skill, and worked on my novel and my upcoming ebook.


In case you can’t read my handwriting:


I did well in the beginning, but took fewer actions later in the month. This is b/c I was focused on FUN stuff more than work stuff. Spring Break was so much more exhausting than I expected it to be. Even though I didn’t finish March where I’d like to be, I hope I did enough to set myself up for FINISHING my goals in April. I learned & worked creatively & that’s the best sort of action.

This was an interesting exercise for me. I think I prefer just having a list without corresponding dates, but having dates might help me battle procrastination as well. I might do this again in other months during which I know I’ll need to keep my word at the forefront.

Are you taking One Little Word? How did your March assignment go?

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