Eliza’s first soccer game was yesterday and it was the cutest thing ever. She had a whole team of grandparents cheering her on at the sidelines (Go Yellowhawks!) and a little brother crazy mad he couldn’t join in the fun. Jake and I had to tag team between watching Eliza and chasing Jonas.

Eliza got to kick off, which was pretty cool because she’s the new kid on the block (her other teammates have been together for a couple of seasons).


I love how laid back the games are. This is just about learning the basics– no yelling coaches or “suck-it-ups” here! There are no goalies. When Eliza accidentally touched a flying ball with her hand, they just yelled out, “Remember not to touch it with your hand, keep going!” Crying girls who fell down were comforted and swapped out. It was fun and overwhelmingly positive. No one officially keeps score, but we’re pretty sure E’s team won. Hah!


I also love that her team is all from her school. Eliza loves the opportunities to get to spend more time with her friends.


Huddle! We’re super excited about the soccer season, even though it’s going to take over weekends a bit for the next two months.

Do you have kids in sports? Did you play sports as a kid? How did you / they start out?