I’m taking Organizing FUNdamentals c/o Big Picture Classes (registration now closed), and while my scrap space is in dire need of decorating, it didn’t need much in the way of purging and organizing. I did a lot of the footwork earlier in the year and more at the beginning of the workshop. So I’m making small changes and am getting excited for a big reveal, but I decided that I needed to use all that great organizing information from the class in the area needed most: the dreaded 3rd floor stash room.

Don’t judge my before shots.


If you’re a long-time reader, you’ll recognize that we had the exact same problem last year. But last year was a big year for our Etsy shop, and more and more craft stuff accumulated. Now that we’re phasing out the shop, we can be brutal with the purging. I started in one corner, arranged separate areas in the hall for stuff to put in a garage sale, stuff to recycle, stuff to throw away, stuff to compost, stuff to move to a different room, stuff for Jake to sort through, and stuff to organize and move back in.


I found some scrapbooking stuff that isn’t part of my normal stash; stuff I didn’t even know I had. These are probably the oldest stickers in my stash: one sheet from a scrapbook I had in elementary school and one of the first sticker sheets I bought for Eliza’s scrapbook when she was a baby in 2006.


I even still had a bunch of receipts from my scrapbooking class teaching days circa ’08 and ’09.


Sifting through disaster.


The donation bucket: some is going to charity, some Eliza, and some I’m saving for my friend Jessica, who’s coming into town later in the year.


The hardest part is going to be finding places for all of the little bits and pieces I want to save in a way they’ll be easy to find again.


And the easiest part has been organizing my acrylic stamp collection in a small suitcase. They fit perfectly (so I’d better not buy more!).


And just because all of that mess is crazy, it helped me to look at an uber organized spot in my house. My fridge, I have under control. One of Jake’s smarter ideas: I broke some serving dishes that spun on a lazy susan, so he put in a piece of cardboard covered in plastic wrap and I put our jars of stuff on there! It’s so easy to find items in the fridge, and nothing gets lost in the back.

Do you have a scary embarrassing room too?

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