Today’s challenge over on Document Life Workshop is to Use a Poem! I’ll be back later today with a post showing off some of the layouts I’ve made in the past that use poetry as the journaling. I’m also going to show you where all of those Jake & Megan teenage years love poems live. But for now, I’m sharing just one!

I used to write poetry kind of constantly, but I’m a little rusty now (so don’t make fun!). This poem was written spur of the moment, right after the event it describes, at past two in the morning. This is why I keep a notebook and pen on my nightstand. It’s a romantic poem of sorts about a very non-romantic topic: Jonas getting sick in the middle of the night. Jake and I got up like zombies and worked as a team to make it all better without really needing to say much of anything. As I prepared myself to snuggle in with the two of them, I started to think about the fact that this mundane stuff is what true love looks like when you have a family.

Here’s the poem:

2:00 AM

His cry, it shakes us, you and me, from our entwinéd reverie.

You run him to the bathroom, strip him down, rub his back.

You scrub him clean.

I scrub his carpet with an old towel.

You sit and wrap him in a new one.

I spray the floor and forget until tomorrow.

You and he are now journeying to tomorrow, safe in bed.

I journey there too.

A family sleeping, he and we, this is true love at more than three.

Free verse framed in lines of iambic pentameter. I forgot how much I miss this!

Do you ever write poetry? Do you read it? Remember, to use it as documentation, it doesn’t have to be yours: a lot of the other team members used famous bits of poetry to help them document! Check out the other takes and get challenged yourself!