This week’s challenge on Document Life Workshop is to Use a Document! I’ve been working on a minibook for Jake’s and my 2007 trip to Chicago, and I realized that most of the book focused on the sight-seeing part of the trip, and not the reason we went there in the first place. That’s mostly because conference photos aren’t too pretty. But the conference was a momentous occasion, because I presented at it! That needs to be in there, obviously.

I scanned in the cover of the conference program along with the page with my session at put it on the last page of the mini. I also included an envelope so I could put in other documents and memorabilia from the trip. This might not be the prettiest part of the book, but it’s definitely one of the most informative.

This challenge inspired me to go through the other documents I’ve been saving for a rainy day. Now that I’ve moved to binder albums, I’m planning on putting them in page protectors and throwing them in!

What documents do you have that could add to your memory keeping?

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