Jonas is obsessed with Kipper the Dog. (The show and the books.)


We went to our friends Burt and Tiffany’s wedding last week, and the venue was the most beautiful place ever. It made me miss living in a loft so much.


I’m getting my first haircut since August 2011 today! Since the goal is to donate to Locks of Love in November, I’m just getting a trim to make it healthier. I’m also adding in some sort of bangs, which have to look good when not fixed (because I never style my hair). I’m channeling Jennifer Lawrence’s bangs in Silver Lingings Playlist. I’m also a little anxious to be paying a lot more than I’m used to for a haircut, but I’m trying to put my money where my mouth is and stick with local. I figure the extra 10 bucks is worth it when I get haircuts so rarely and I’m supporting my belief system. It’s a bit ridiculous that I’ve only gone to a chain place while we’ve lived here when there are seriously 20 local salons in a two mile radius. I picked the one that was close, seemed likely to have an opening with only one day of advance, and had good online reviews. I ended up with Blo Salon Studio, even though we literally have a different salon in our backyard. I booked online after researching more about each stylist. Should be fun.

Enjoying the awesome weather.

Speaking of having a salon in our backyard, I had an awkward experience last week. What looks sort of like a shed behind the swing set there is, in fact, the extension of a salon. A lot of the local businesses around the corner from us are in houses exactly like ours, and this one decided to nix the idea of a backyard and add on to their building. I never gave it much thought, but the other day they had the window open (it was super nice out even though it’s cold and snowy now). I was outside enjoying the weather and doing yoga, and one of their customers started talking to me through the window. It was so awkward, because she was just watching me for awhile before she spoke up.

Jake is super close to his motorcycle goal. He should be buying one in the next few weeks! I’m proud of him for working extra to save up the money for it.

Eliza's Shrimp Fried Rice

Eliza has been doing a lot of cooking. She’s helped me for a long time, but with her very own picture filled cookbook (>Children’s Step-By-Step Cook Book), she’s reading the recipes and running the show. Last week we made Shrimp Fried Rice. Yum!


I have a Spring Cleaning organizing bug brought on by Organizing FUNdamentals. Last night I moved some furntirue around so now the kids’ bookcase actually holds all of the kid books! I’ve also got a box of purge stuff ready to donate. Wahoo!

That’s what we’ve been up to. What’s going on with you?