This girl is giving me baby fever.

How we spend a Friday night. #lego

It has been all about Legos over here this week. (Sorry for all of the Lego Instagrams, guys.) Jake and Eliza finished some Harry Potter sets, and they also did the sets she got for her “birthday” (party). Harvey got her a ridiculously cool Spiderman Set and one of her schoolmates got her a set that she can build into a car or a jet. She also received a Harry Potter Lego book. So there’s been a silly amount of time revolving around Legos.

In general, I had a bad week. I don’t harp on stuff often because my bad is still friggin’ awesome relative to what most people in the world have to deal with. But my stress an anxiety rose uncomfortably, Jonas was sick, he wouldn’t nap (I REALLY need that bit of quiet and work time every day), and I have IBS, so that got worse because of the other stuff that happened. Specific moments this week were wonderful, but this crummy stuff was in the background.


I don’t want to officially shout the praises of E-Cloths until we use them for awhile longer, but I will say that our kitchen has been consistently clean and sparkly, which would have seemed near impossible a few months ago. And our front door has no little fingerprints on the glass. I love them so far.


Things that are not cleaner: the office. I have been spreading my project tentacles all over the room. I’ve been working on setting up a better organization system.


These should help. My local scrapbook store is having a going out of business sale this week, which is so sad, because they’ve been there for so long. I worked as a clerk and scrapbooking teacher there during my college years. But, bright side, I was able to buy these displays for my paper, and a few other practical goodies (adhesive, pens, etc.) at a rad discount.


Eliza has been working on her Smash Book. She has a natural knack for scrapbooking! She wants to share it once she gets a bit more done.


The last bit of our two feet of snow are is melting. We can stop being hermits, hooray!

One of the kid’s show categories on Netflix is “Girl Power”. It is filled with stereotypical crap. Why are people okay with calling stereotypical girl stuff “Girl Power”? You wouldn’t label Fat Albert “Black Power” or Speedy Gonzales “Chicano Power”. These are the sorts of things I think about.

This cat hated us all three days ago, but she slept on me last night and is now snuggling Jonas. What is happening?!?

Something finally clicked and my sister’s evil cat decided she likes us.


It’s time to save the plants.

We’re planning on doing a family vlog post with all four of us in a few weeks, so ask questions for us if you’ve got ‘em!

That’s what’s going on around here! What’s going on with you right now?