No Project Life post today, as I’m waiting on a big order from Persnickety Prints. (Side note: AMAZING customer service. One of my photos was blurry, so they called me, had me send a higher res photo, and then processed my order about 10 minutes after I e-mailed the right photo. How awesome is that?).

Anyway, I thought it would be a good time to announce that I’m re-starting Project Real Life. (You may remember me getting totally excited about it when we gave a seat away). It’s a BIG 4Experts workshop by Becky Higgins I started taking c/o Big Picture Classes last fall, but was unable to complete due to the crazy, horrible, exhaustingness that was my November and December. Not that those months weren’t full of good stuff too, but being able to follow through with an in-depth workshop was not in the cards. I watched the first half of the videos, did the assignments one week and then it was on the back burner, then not on the stove at all.

But now I’m putting it back on the heat! That’s why that whole forever access thing is rad. I’m going to start the workshop over starting the first week of April, and I’m not alone. A few of my friends are playing along too! If you took the workshop, but weren’t able to finish it, we’d love it if you’d join us. If you didn’t sign up, but have other unfinished workshops to complete, consider this your motivation! One of the most fun things about online classes is the community, and I think it will be great if we can provide that for each other, even if we are doing the work “late.”

Maybe I’m crazy because I’ll be re-taking this class on while also taking Clean and Simple (c/o BPC). (You can still enter to win a spot in that workshop here!) but I’m up for the challenge.

Just a note: if you’re wondering why I’m taking all of these BPC classes free lately, I’m sort of a test subject. I pay for a lot of the classes I take; I make sure to include a c/o Big Picture Classes to let you know when I’m a guinea pig. I’m soakin’ in the knowledge happily right now, but I’d usually limit myself to about 3 classes simultaneously. I think the conversation about online classes / how many to take / what ones to take on the Paperclipping Roundtable episode Forever Access Love is super helpful!

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