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I’m taking the Organizing FUNdamentals workshop and I’m super excited about it. Loving the motivation so far, and all of the great conversations / tips going on. I feel like everyone is cheering each other on, and after my LONG journey trying to get myself organized, perhaps this community is exactly what I need.

One of the pre-class assignments was to organize one small spot, such as a junk drawer, so I chose to organize the cabinet in our kitchen island / industrial butcher block thing. Even though the class is focusing on craft rooms, I’m planning on expanding most of the assignments to other areas of the house.

It was stuffed full of magazines, coloring books, tons and tons of paper (both used and scribbled on), and random bits and bobs.

Organize One Spot | The Nerd Nest

I made a bunch of piles. The biggest pile was “to recycle” (not shown). Other piles included cooking magazines, coloring books / workbooks, things to take upstairs, things to put in scrapbooks / Eliza’s schoolwork book, and other art supplies. Everything else got put in its proper place as I went.

Jonas is making a present for Eliza.

Jonas was kept busy making art for Eliza while I organized. He also did a lot of climbing on me, but that’s just a given.

The only things that went back in were the cooking magazines (and by cooking magazines I mean over two years of Everyday With Rachel Ray). I made the executive decision that craft stuff should not be in the kitchen (though it’s pretty much all that’s in the pantry, so I really only mean that it shouldn’t be in the immediate cooking area).

Organize One Spot | The Nerd Nest

I decided that some of the lesser used project specific stuff should go in here: Easy Bake Oven stuff, cookie cutters, fortune cookie maker, tortilla bowl maker, etc. There’s plenty of room for other things that might make sense here. Mixing bowls, for instance. Or things I’ve always avoided buying because of space, like a griddle or a waffle maker.

Organize One Spot | The Nerd Nest

I then used the extra space left by the removal of these items to better organize little bits of the pantry and a few cabinets. This cabinet got shuffled around quite a bit, and I’m quite happy with the results. It makes a lot more sense with my current cooking needs and feels less crowded than it was before.

Which leads me to an observation: organizing is contagious. Organizing one small area spreads into other areas as well! I’m gearing up to do a lot of other awesome organizing this evening.

What little space do you have that could beinfit from some organizing?

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