First Hand Screenprinted Shirt

Last weekend, my friend Jonathan Ferguson taught a screen printing workshop (you can see some of his work in this post and some awsome photos of him here). I love his work and have always wanted to learn how to screen print (but was a little intimidated by the start up $$), so I jumped on the opportunity. Harvey went with me. We only do just-us outings every few months, and I love getting bestie one-on-one time. (Though, of course, I’d rather spend time with his new baby Ava than him right now!)

And the result, as you can see above, is my first ever hand screen printed t-shirt! I’m double excited about it, because the design is Jonathan’s and it’s always been my favorite of his.

Not to shabby for a first try, if I do say so myself. When I do the actual screen making, I’ll mess it up a billion times, but I’m a natural at the transfer (which is exciting).

Learning to Screen Print

Jonathan talked us through all of the supplies and demonstrated how to make a screen (we couldn’t actually make on in the time allotted). He even made hand drawn photocopied instructions, punk zine style. Like a true Hermione, mine’s 100% covered in notes. I love the way he had things set up to demonstrate all of the tools. And he shared extra ninja moves that I’m sure would have taken me years of practice to figure out on my own. So thankful for that.

Learning to Screen Print

I loved this. The ideas just came pouring out. New experiences are awesome like that.

*These photos are blurry because Harvey took them for me and there wasn’t much light. I love them anyway.

Learning to Screen Print

Bam. I’m fiercely proud of that transfer, guys.

Learning to Screen Print

Jake and I have a plan to raise money for the start-up supplies so we can start screen printing together from home! (It’ll be a few months.) I’m so excited about it.

Have you ever tried screen printing? What’s your favorite art medium?

P.S. Our favorite hand printed screen print shop is Dark Cycle Clothing. Check them out!