One Little Word March Assignment by Megan Anderson

The March assignment for Ali Edward’s One Little Word workshop was to take action and schedule time to make it happen. (Just another way that my word this year–FINISH–correlates with this year’s family mantra–Make it happen cap’n.)

I struggled a bit with this, not because I’m a bad planner, but because I didn’t know what I wanted to focus on for my action. It couldn’t really be centered around my intention for this month, because all I have to do is read three Shakespeare plays and the sonnets. That’s not something I need to schedule. Next month’s intention, finishing the current draft of the novel I’m writing, is a much better candidate for a schedule. But I also knew I had a lot of stuff going on with Document Life Workshop this month, so the novel couldn’t be my main focus. Also, I wanted to balance work and family time. All of these intentions (not to mention the other things I need to be doing to make my other intentions happen later in the year) made it hard to narrow down and focus on what I really want to FINISH this month.

So I decided to make two take action schedules, one based on work (NN + DLW + novel) and on based on play (fun family things to do).

One Little Word March Assignment by Megan Anderson

The work one might not make a ton of sense to you all, because there’s a lot of shorthand happening. All of these little things will help me FINISH the prep work I need to do to be able to finish the current draft of my novel (working title Repeater) next month, to release new products at the Document Life Workshop Store, and to take Nerd Nest where Jake and I want it to go. To come, there will be a lot of working on my soon-to-be-released ebook, office organizing, and prepping my novel for hardcore editing. (I “quilt,” or write out of order and piece scenes together, so that’s what all of the “quilting” and “filling in the gaps” things are for.)

One Little Word March Assignment by Megan Anderson

The play schedule, which starts today, is my way of making sure we’re doing fun stuff as a family that breaks from our usual routine. This is especially important to me with Spring Break coming up. A lot of the things are centered around Eliza, but they’re generally activities made for at least 3/4 of us. There are some things on here from my for the kids Pinboard, some art stuff, some science stuff, some game stuff, and some “going out” stuff, but it’s all FUN STUFF. I’m super excited about this, and I know Eliza (and, to a lesser extent, Jonas and Jake) is / are going to be over the moon about it!

Tip I kept my Google Calendar out when I made these lists. If we had something big planned, like going to a wedding, I put a small thing on the calendar. I integrated in things that will go with holidays and took our normal schedule / blogging schedule into account.

Are you participating in One Little Word? How is March’s assignment coming?

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