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Today I’m sharing a three part series with you on the evolution of my workspace! I’m doing this to prepare myself mentally for Organizing FUNdamentals workshop at Big Picture Classes, which begins today (just in time for Spring Cleaning!). I’ve already posted Part 1, about my pre-homeowner spaces, and Part 2, about the process of finding the right space for my space. This part is all about the current state of my current workspace.

Bedroom Office | Megan Anderson

Last December, Jake and I moved our shared office / craft space from what is meant to be our living room our bedroom. The only bedroom furniture we have is our bed, a shared dresser, and a tiny nightstand, so we didn’t need the space in the biggest bedroom, which the previous owners expanded by knocking out the wall. We want a bunch of kiddos, so sharing the big space for ourselves didn’t make much sense to us. We thought that we might give up the biggest bedroom to the kids eventually, but we really like the closet with the washer and dryer and are pretty attached to the bathroom. I think that having our office in the space justifies keeping it for ourselves.

We might eventually have some sort of sliding door or divider, but for right now it doesn’t bother us that the two spaces are together.

Bedroom Office | Megan Anderson

These photos are from a few weeks ago, and we’ve done quite a bit to the office since then, but this is a good “before” depiction. This side has my desk, our file cabinet, my writing supplies, and the printer.

Especially now that Eliza has been scrapbooking on my desk, there’s rarely enough surface space to actually do anything on it.

Workspace Before | Megan Anderson

The drafting table was originally supposed to be a shared workspace, and Jake does use it sometimes, but it’s now primarily MINE. I’ve found that I have my Project Life supplies perfectly organized for my workflow, but that I have some work to do when it comes to other projects. I’m usually working on several things at once, and when I’m looking through supplies or switching between projects, a lot of stuff ends up on the floor.

Workspace Before | Megan Anderson

Like that.

Workspace Before | Megan Anderson

And that.

Which is fine, I feel, if it’s only while I’m working. But the reality is things often stay that way for at least a few days until I decide to do a cleaning sweep. I’d rather have a system that is easily cleared away after each crafting session.

Workspace Before | Megan Anderson

I’ve taken a few steps to conquer this already by using storage that takes up vertical space rather than horizontal space and lets me easily see supplies.

My local scrapbooking store had a closing sale (Because the owners are retiring. I originally thought that it was because of lack of support.) I bought

Workspace Before | Megan Anderson

I also stole some of Eliza’s unused craft organizing containers to transfer supplies from awkwardly shaped opaque containers to containers that are stackable. Some of my wet / technique stuff–mist, embossing powder, glaze, glitter glue, etc.– went from a bucket to a clear tub with a lid. I’m working on making more transfers like this.

Bedroom / Office

Jake has less stuff, but this is a process for him too. You wouldn’t believe how many burned CDs and cables and now useless computer parts he has.

Now that we’ve used the space for a few months, we really have a handle on what’s working and what’s not in general. We’ve been hanging shelves, moving less-used items out of the room, purging, and deciding where to hang art. I’m excited be moving towards having a functional space that is a joy to look at. I’m looking forward to sharing more of my changes with you as Organizing FUNdamentals workshop goes on, and you MIGHT even find my Project Life organization tips IN the class!!! (That’s not solid yet though, just an exciting possibility.)

Try paying attention to your process to identify your organization problem areas!

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