End 7 | Cause of the Month

Today we want to share with you a charity we’ve recently found and love: END 7, an advocacy campaign launched by Global Network with the goal of ending 7 neglected tropical diseases by the year 2020. Neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) are a group of parasitic and bacterial infections that infect one in six people worldwide, including more than half a billion children. NTDs disable, debilitate and perpetuate poverty. In worst case scenarios, they can kill.

Watch the above video to understand the mission in a minute.

What is END 7? END7 is a grassroots campaign that seeks to raise money to expand access to NTD treatments and catalyze support for NTD control efforts to encourage major political and philanthropic leaders to increase funding for this important global health issue.

Why did we choose it? We chose this cause because it can help so many people with relativity so little effort. Many causes seem hopeless, and the solution is so far past the horizon that it is almost unimaginable. But this cause has a solution. It has an end. And helping makes a real, tangible impact. We also chose this cause because the main obstacle it faces is visibility, and we can help with that. It is also a well-respected cause we trust.

Watch the above campaign to see if you can watch what these celebrities can’t. Warning: you may cry.

Where does your money really go? One of the things that we look at when donating to any non-profit is where the money goes. If more of our dollars are going to operational costs than are going to the cause directly, then there’s something wrong. End 7 passes the test, because thanks to a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, “more than 90 percent of donations to the Global Network go directly to programs that treat and prevent NTD infections, as well as to support advocacy efforts for the integration of NTDs into existing global health initiatives and international aid budgets.”

*Edited: Compelling TED talk on why you SHOULD want your money to go to non-profit overhead and operational costs: Dan Pallotta – The way we think about charity is dead wrong. This changed my perspective. I was wrong.

Have more questions? The page we found most helpful on the website was the FAQ page. There you’ll learn things such as the seven most common NTDs, how people are affected, cost of treatment, why this cause doesn’t take from causes such as HIV, and where to get more information.

Our goal with this post is to spread awareness, but if this cause has touched you, you can join us in donating, starting with as little as $5. Wether or not you donate, spread the word! Ask followers to follow the cause @Global_Network on Twitter, share their Facebook Page, subscribe to YouTube Channel or follow the End 7 blog.