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A few weeks ago Blurb contacted me to see if I wanted to try out their brand new Designer Photo Books. The answer was a big ‘ole YES. I was already planning on making a Blurb book for our Denver Trip, so I jumped on the opportunity. Though the trip is already documented in Project Life, we took WAY MORE photos than could possible fit into Project Life, and I like to have mini books to document vacations.

Blurb Designer Photo Books

The great thing about the Blurb Designer Photo Books is how quick and simple they are. I went to a local coffeeshop to work sans kiddos (which was such a treat). I picked my photos, edited them, plopped them into the templates, added journaling, and ordered my book all in the time that it took to finish my 16 oz. latte. I savored that latte, but it wasn’t even cold when I was through. That’s how easy it is. I was beyond impressed.

Denver 2013 Blurb Book | The Nerd Nest

Here’s what Blurb has to say about the new templates:

New Designer Templates

  • Designer Collection: six beautiful photo book templates for our 7 x 7 inch books, created with designer Laura Brunow Miner.
  • Create a quick, high-quality Small Square book with our streamlined drag-and-drop process.
  • Choose one photo to highlight per page, switch photo orientation, add captions if you wish – even import photos from Facebook and Instagram
  • Ideas: These books make great birthday gifts, are perfect for capturing your child’s Sports season, make lovely host/hostess gifts, ideal for capturing your Spring Break memories, and much more!
  • Well-priced: starting at just US $10.95.


I had a hard time choosing between the template designs, but I finally decided to go with Marfa, because I thought that the wood texture used throughout the books was perfect for my nature-focused book. Plus, I fell for the flags on the cover.

Denver 2013 Blurb Book | The Nerd Nest

I really liked that I could flip through different photo designs to choose the orientation of my photos. I also liked that text bubbles for each orientation was an option. I wish there was a spell check mechanism (typing in Word and coming back to past into the template slowed me down a bit) and I would have loved to see pages with the option to have multiple photos on a page, but those are my only criticisms.

Denver 2013 Blurb Book | The Nerd Nest

I also used this as an opportunity to get a bit fancy with this book. These books are super inexpensive, and Blurb gave me a rad deal to try them out, so I got a bunch of upgrades, like ProLine Pearl Photo Paper. And it is gorgeous. I also got a second copy of the book at 50% off to send to Jessica (who is the person we went to go see on this trip). So even with two books and the added fancy, I still spent about what I was planning to spend on just one book. So a HUGE thanks to Blurb for that.

I wanted to show you the whole book, but there are SO MANY PAGES that I decided to put them into a slideshow! I had crummy light when I took these, so trust me when I say that it looks so much better in person. And sorry for all of the underexposure, but it’s looking like snow for the next week, so I’m probably not going to get anything better anytime soon!

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