Love Wood Notebook with Faux Bois Print

We mentioned awhile ago that we’re retiring record bookends, and they are officially GONE! The shop is looking a little bare, but that’s fine with us. Letting go of the bookends, which have been so successful but don’t fit with our vision of our future, is freeing.

We’re still deciding if we want to sell them a bit more locally (there’s a neighborhood craft fair coming up), or if we just want them OUT OF OUR HOUSE!

I’m excited to finally be able to free up this portion of my brain. I’m excited to not be pulled in so many directions. Jake’s excited that there will be no more up-till-two-in-the-morning box packing sessions a week before Christmas. And that he can start turning our basement into a wood shop (slowly).

We’re working on some exciting things, and the creative energy is making me so overwhelmingly happy.

P.S. We’re going to make one more batch of record notebooks, but then those will be retired too.