30 Days of Lists Base

30 Days of Lists begins today! I’m so excited to start listing.

I’ll be sharing my lists daily on Instagram. I’m user @Megan_NerdNest You’ll also be able to find those Instagrams on my Twitter and Jake’s and my Flickr. There will also be weekly updates of my full pages on Tuesdays.

How are you going to share your lists?

Want more?

Listing starts today, but you can sign up for 30 Days of Lists at any point this month. If you sign up, make sure to link up your lists here as well as in the comments on the private blog; I’d love to see what you’re working on! I’m a #30Lists Ambassador and affiliate, so signing up through these links supports the Nerd Nest!

Are you listing? Tell me about it!

P.S. Come back later today for yesterday’s Day in the Life photos.