Eliza's Very Harry Birthday Party Invitation

We’re prepping for Eliza’s first kid-centered birthday party on the 23rd (even though her birthday is at the beginning of January). I finally got her invitations done (yay!). I’ll have them printed this weekend on regular photo paper so she can take them to school Monday.

I kept the invites simple so I could fit the photo of Eliza as Hermione and all the info on one 4×6 surface. I used this Harry Potter font, a dingbat from this font, and an outline of Hogwarts from this Pumpkin Juice Kit. I think it’s pretty darn cute.

We’re figuring out the other fun details. I’m excited to try out making my first chocolate frog test run tonight, using this Frog Chocolate Candy Mold (because Harry Potter Chocolate Frogs are way to expensive for 20-30 kids). We’re going to print out some Chocolate Frog Cards, too.

Another idea we’ve had is to have a “potions” station where kids can mix their drinks. We bought a little Black Plastic Cauldron for the job.

My grandpa made us Quidditch goals!!!

We also have to finish up everything we need to play Quidditch. My grandpa already made us the goals, but now we have to make the balls. We’re transforming this Champion Sports 7-Inch Red Playground Ball into a Quaffle and we’re painting a golf ball to become the Snitch.

Making more #harrypotter wands. @jake_nerdnest

Jake, his dad, and my grandpa have also been making wands for party favors. We’re going to let the wands select the kids, Ollivander’s style.

On the list for today: cutting out big, cardboard trees and painting them to be the “forbidden forrest”. We’re going to put them in front of the stairs so we can keep all of the kids in one area.

Anyone have food suggestions? We were thinking of making something English, but it might be easier to just order a big pizza.

And if you’ve hosted kid parties before, let us know if you have any advice for us n00bs!

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