In January, our iMac died and I had the job, as always, of computer surgeon. I was 99% sure that the problem was the hard drive, but we took it to the Mac store for a diagnostics run just in case.

Funny story: after the Mac Genius confirmed it was the hard drive and gave us a repair estimate, he assured us that we wouldn’t be able to fix the problem on our own, because the hard drive is placed behind the LCD screen and requires special care. (CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!)

Our friend Paul was with us (he’s a comedian), and he said, “Man, you have NO idea who you’re talking to!”

Genius indeed.

Do you know what the fancy, hard part of replacing the drive is? You have to remove the screen with suction cups. That’s it. That’s why you’re not supposed to be able to remove it yourself. I laugh in the face of your suction cups, Apple! After unscrewing a millon screws, the screen lifted right off, with the help of the suction cup for our GPS (the screen is held by magnets).

I upgraded the faulty drive with a new terabyte hard drive from NewEgg. I highly recommend New Egg for electronics; they’re super cheap and high quality. (We’re not affiliates or anything, I just buy stuff from them pretty often.)

I watched this video as a guide, and in the time it took us to watch an episode of Bones, the open-screen surgery was all done.

We’re really excited to have TWICE the storage space for HALF of what the Apple store would have charged. Now that’s a win.

I love that between the two of us, Meg and I have any DIY project covered.

How do you save money by DIYing?