Visting Ava

My best friend Harvey and his wife Lisa had a beautiful baby girl last weekend.


I’m so in love with her. She looks just like her mama but has her dad’s red hair!

Jake did something fancy so now all of our computers are networked together. We can share all of our info like photos and music on one place. It’s making it much easier to back things up. He’s sort of a superstar.

Family Dinner

We had a big family dinner for Mardi Gras at our house last week. Jonas is repairing the truck tire in the photo. It’s so cute to see him play with his cousin Nathan, who is a few months younger.

Yay, snow day!

Today is a snow day! This photo was taken at the beginning; we’re expected to get around 10 inches!

We are really into the Aquabats Supershow.

Reading the recipe!

Eliza read and made a recipe from Children’s Step-By-Step Cook Book (with help). That was super fun. We halved the recipe, so that was a good chance to learn more about fractions.

Eliza's fisherman's pie. (It isn't burned, those are purple potatoes.)

She did a really good job. Purple potatoes made the otherwise white recipe (fisherman’s pie) more fun.

A building exploded about a mile away from us this week. I was upstairs grabbing something and the kids were playing downstairs, and I heard a huge crash. I ran downstairs, afraid that a large piece of furniture had fallen over. I couldn’t find anything, and thought it might have been thunder, which was strange because the skys were clear. Fifteen people were injured and one person died. It’s horrible.

Just realized I'm officially a month sans soda. Thank goodness for tea.

I’ve officially gone a month without soda! Also, I’m so loving loose leaf teas right now. I don’t have it everyday, but it hits the spot if I start craving Coke. Or if I’m cold. Or if I’m taking a bubble bath. Or if I want to smell something wonderful. I’m still super attached to my morning coffee, though.

I’ve been keeping up with mostly daily yoga.

I made Quote Cards for Black History Month. Download the free printable! And if you missed it, Allie and I collaborated to make February Documentation Cards freebies too.

There will be do many chocolate frogs.

The next few days will be totally dedicated to getting ready for Eliza’s party. Painting decorations, melting chocolate for chocolate frogs, cleaning… it’s a big undertaking. But if you want to do things on the cheap, you’ve got to put in a bunch of work!

What have you been up to?