There will be so many chocolate frogs.

Jake and I have found some cool stuff on the web lately. Here’s a peak into what we’ve been checking out:

  • We’re going to make 30 or so chocolate frogs this week for Eliza’s Harry Potter party (which was postponed due to the snow), so we have frogs on the brain. We’re glad we’re making our own, because Warner Brother’s frogs have a dark mark: Stop Evil in Harry Potter’s Name.
  • Neil Patrick Harris, puppets, and the Nerdist. Need we say more?
  • One of the fastest ways to get us fired up is a conversation about the way the US handles education. (Because there’s not a lot of overlap between how we teach and how kids learn.) This TED talk on Making Science Fun is awesome. And funny. We watched it to laugh through our rage.
  • I broke our salt and pepper shakers last year in a fail attempt at romance (note to self: CHECK THE CONTENTS OF THE TABLE before you try sweeping stuff off). I’m trying to talk myself out of these robot salt and pepper shakers… but I’m pretty sure they’re the ones.
  • We’re always up for some beautiful photography! Get ready for 46 of the most amazing photographs from 2012.
  • I’m a little snobby about obsessed with coffee, so I think that this coffee buying guide that de-mystifies all of those coffee labels is pretty awesome.
  • And speaking of pretty awesome coffee, I’m loving Cafe Fair right now. The coffee is Fair Trade and organic and delicious. Guatemalan Dark is my jam.
  • Looking to improve the look of your blog? This article with 5 Simple Ways to Improve Web Type will help.
  • Not sure if this IQ test thing is real, but it sure does make us feel smart. Tell us if you can see her rotate both ways!
  • Jake appreciates Kam’s post 3 more ways to survive your day job.
  • We’re thinking about painting more walls, so this color picking article from Apartment Therapy is coming at just the right time.
  • I’m inspired by my friend Wendy Smedley’s Project Shoebox, a challenge to digitize and share old photos.

Have you found anything cool online lately?

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