Lego Discovery Center

If you’ve been reading for awhile now, then you know how awesome my grandpa (“Poppy”) is. He continued this awesomeness by telling us he’d buy us tickets to anywhere Eliza wanted to go in Kansas City and that he’d watch Jonas while we took her there. So. Awesome. Eliza picked Legoland Discovery Center!

(And yes, those Lego people Eliza is standing next to are made entirely out of Legos.)

Lego Discovery Center

I waited for a deal weekend (I get e-mails from them). Last weekend was Lego Friends Weekend, so tickets were a little cheaper. Wahoo! First we went through a room that shows you the process of making Legos in a kid-friendly interactive way (super cool), and Eliza got a special Legoland Factory Lego, which will now be the prized Lego above all other Legos.

Then we went on Kingdom Quest, a sort of a ride to where you have to “shoot” guns with little lazer points at targets and trolls. It was fun that you alternated between aiming at decorative targets and video game type screens.

That picture was $11, but it was so worth it to see Jake looking like a crazy Yosemite Sam. He whomped Eliza and I with his scores.

Lego Discovery Center

Even though there was tons of stuff to do, my favorite part was Miniland, where Kansas City’s main attractions and famous buildings were built out of Legos. The detail was so amazing! Eliza had fun trying to think of what all of the buildings were for / remember where they are, and we did a scavenger hunt to find the different Lego Friends Characters. A lot of the displays were interactive too, such as cars you could race around Kansas Speedway with the push of a button. There were also scenes from the Wizard of Oz.

Lego Discovery Center

My favorite building in Kansas City, in Lego.

Lego Discovery Center

Then there was a lot of PLAYING. We had fun building a car to race out of Lego parts, going back again and again to make changes to make it work and make it better.

We watched a short Lego film in 4D (which means that wind blows on you and snow falls), rode a wizard ride, built a Lego set with a Lego master (we got to take the little things we built home!), played with the different sorts of Legos spread around the sections, and Eliza did a lot of climbing and playing.

Lowlight: The Lego City Play Zone was for kids only, so Jake and I took a seat right by the structure and built a pink and purple castle together while Eliza played. We were not paying as much attention as we should have, and we didn’t know that they wouldn’t let her out without an adult. We just thought she’d come right out to us. So she was crying, coming to get our attention because she was trapped! Oops.

Lego Discovery Center

Highlight: Eliza and I sang karaoke (I’m a terrible singer). We chose Jackson 5’s “ABC” because I knew that the chorus would be easy for Eliza to read, but I didn’t think about the fact that NO ONE can sing those versus. Little Michael’s voice is SO HIGH! So that was embarrassing, but fun.

We hit up the Lego store before we left, and grabbed a few cool things: a Harry Potter Lego keychain, a mystery minifigure, and one of the few Harry Potter Lego sets left that we don’t have for $9!

All in all it was a fun adventure, but one we won’t be repeating often because of the price tag.

Have you ever been to a Legoland? What did you think? What cool attractions to you have in your area?