Record Bookends

Record bookends have been good to us. We started selling them in 2009, and they easily became our most popular shop item. They’ve also been the item that’s gotten us the most press; they’ve been in Etsy finds e-mails (once on Cyber Monday!), on Etsy’s front page multiple times, on the front of MSN’s lifestyle page, and in a Real Simple Magazine Gift Guide. We’ve had wholesale orders for small shops around the country and even for one record shop in Australia! They helped us come up with the downpayment to our house, they helped pay the hospital bill when I had Jonas, and they’ve paid for our Christmas presents several years running.

We are very thankful that this idea helped us so much and love knowing that hundreds of these bookends are on shelves of music lovers all over the world.

But our lives are moving in a different direction. We need more time for other creative ventures that are more lucrative and fulfilling, and, let’s face it, we really need the basement and attic space. And we’d LOVE our Christmas season back. So this is he end of record bookends for us. You have until March 1 to buy some, after that they’ll be gone forever!

You can purchase record bookends in three ways:

It’s the end of an era!

For anything you buy in the shop, don’t forget the blog reader coupon code NERDLOVE for 15% off! We also have a free shipping deal going on for orders over $35.00 which include at least one destash item. Don’t forget to mention the shipping deal in the notes to seller for a refund!