FINISH Intentions + Action

As you loyal readers know well by now, I’m taking Ali Edward’s One Little Word workshop this year. I’ve selected the word FINISH and I spent January working towards the monthly FINISH goals I set out in the workshop’s January assignment. If you haven’t read about my FINISH intentions + actions yet, this post will make a lot more sense if you do.

My January intention was to FINISH up, a phrase that meant wrapping up a lot of the things I began in 2012. This mostly centered around memory keeping projects, such as my Project Life for 2012, my 30 Days of Lists album, my December Daily, and my Week in the Life album. I only knocked out half of those projects.

I finished my 30 Days of Lists album and I finished my 2012 Project Life spreads, though I still need to photograph and blog many of them. Not finishing the other projects has more to do with unexpected obstacles than a lack of motivation: my computer and my back-up external harddrive both broke, and Jake and I had to spend depressing amounts of time getting all of the information back. We also had to order a new hard drive, which cut into my photo printing budget for January. And I’m still feeling behind because of that: my new hard drive is finally in my computer, but Jake still hasn’t had time to install the operating system.

The “FINISH up” intention spread to more areas of my life than memory keeping. A big part of 2012 was our family mantra One Step at a Time, so I used this month to continue a lot of the intentions I had with that mantra. I spent a lot more time organizing and cleaning than I usually do, because I’d really love for our house to not be a permanent state of chaos. I went back to some of the One Step goals that weren’t ever met, like doing the dishes at night instead of the morning after (which we accomplished about 90% of the time in January!) and quitting soda. (Soda free for 2 weeks now! I need badges like AA has.) We also got a lot of decorating / organizing done, but that’s for a different post.

Even though my word is FINISH, not finishing all of the actions I wanted to take for my January intention doesn’t bother me. When I make goals or to-do lists, I purposely add more than I can do in the time frame I select, so that I have options and so that I’ll never run out of things to do. This would drive some people crazy (it drives Jake crazy), but it works for me. I’ll FINISH the things I didn’t get to in February. Even though “FINISH up” as an intention is over, I’ll keep the mindset with me as I move forward. Which means you should expect a finished December Daily and Week in the Life album soon.

January wasn’t only for FINISH up, it also was for looking to the intentions for the months ahead and doing things that needed to be done in order to meet the goals for the months to come. Here are the rest of the year’s intentions, and what I did to work toward them:

Feb FINISH early | I will work on being more punctual, not waiting until the last minute, and scheduling things ahead of time.

In January, I worked on going to bed earlier, which means cutting off the caffeine earlier in the day. This allowed me to be more active and energetic in the mornings, so I actually end up getting more done even though I’m awake for fewer hours. It also makes for a much less rushed morning. I also started getting things together for Eliza’s birthday party, wich is going to be at the end of February even though her birthday is at the beginning on January, because that’s how long it will take us to make it awesome. I also finished a lot of blog stuff done ahead of time, and planned WAY ahead for Document Life Workshop.

Mar FINISH reading | The material from the Shakespeare / Poe / Frost challenge I started last year will be completed.

I finished 5 Shakespeare plays and the rest of the Poe Short Stories.

Apr FINISH draft | I will complete the writing of the most current draft of my novel.

I cut out a lot of unnecessary things and wrote a lot of new scenes. I’m not as far along as I’d like to be, so I’ll have to put a lot more time into the novel in February.

May FINISH wood | I will put finish on wood (hah!) on a carpentry project I will make with Poppy (my grandpa).

I picked my project. I’m going to make two CD holders in the shape of a “+” or “x”.

Jun from start to FINISH | The editing on the final draft of my manuscript will be complete!

See April.

Jul FINISH fini | I will finish reading a book in French.

I did nada.

Aug FINISH trip | We will come back from our first real family vacation to Yellowstone.

We talked about our trip plans, decided we’re stopping at Mount Rushmore on the way, and argued about camping vs. hotels. We learned that reservations fill up fast, so we’ll need to actually plan the trip in earnest in February. I looked for Yellowstone books for Eliza at local bookstores, but couldn’t find any. I’ll look on Amazon next.

Sept FINISHing touches | My novel will be DONE and query letters will be out of the door.

See April.

Oct FINSH line | I will run a 5K (the Susan G. Komen Race for a Cure).

I ran a lot in January, though not as much as I’d have liked to (it’s COLD!). I can now run a mile indoors without stopping, but I still can’t run a mile outside. I also swam laps a bit and started daily yoga.

Nov FINISH debt | Our debt will be decimated!

We paid our relative loan back for our car, which is exciting because we said we’d pay back the money in Spring. Because of that, our monthly goal for our other debt wasn’t met, but our tax return will more than make up for it.

Dec FINISHed | We’ll close the doors to our Etsy shop and I will enjoy the end of the year!

Worked on plans for improving the Document Life Workshop store, which will eventually replace the Etsy shop as an online creative business venture. Sold a bit from our giant record stash in the basement (for record bookends), because we won’t need our entire stash in order to finish out the year. Went through my craft supplies to prepare for a big destash, because I won’t need everything I’ve been hoarding if we’re not selling physical products.

I’d say that’s a good start to FINISH. Do you have a One Little Word? How did your intentions vs. actions work out for January?

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