Finish EARLY

Time for an update of my monthly One Little Word goals! If you haven’t read about my FINISH intentions + actions yet, this post will make a lot more sense if you do.

My February intention was to FINISH early. My goal was to work on being more punctual, not waiting until the last minute, and scheduling things ahead of time. I was literally late to my own wedding: punctuality is NOT MY FORTE. My lateness is a running joke in my family. So this goal is a big deal for me, and it represents a huge personality and routine shift.

Here are some of the things I FINISHed early this month:

  • I finished my 30 Lists Base early, so that I can complete my lists on time.
  • I signed Eliza up for soccer–and got the early bird rate! This is a big deal, because I missed sign-ups altogether last season.
  • I got a bunch of posts ready for next month and Jake started some too. Eventually, there will be a post ready and waiting at 7 AM CST for you every morning (now the morning post time is hit or miss). I also got some Document Life Workshop challenges scheduled.
  • I decided I’m FINSIHed with Savory Sunday posts, which allows me to focus on finishing other content early.
  • I also decided that, to FINISH early, some things have to be pushed back. I pushed back the release of an ebook I’m working on so that I can have time to do everything else I need to do, and I decided that, now that I’m caught up, I’ll be sharing my Project Life at a one-week delay so I can get posts up the same day each week and can feel less rushed.
  • I succeeded in having a much earlier bedtime than usual most nights. FINISHing with caffeine earlier in the day helped tons with this. So does scheduling posts–I don’t feel like I have to stay up writing the next day’s.
  • Just this week, I started waking up early enough to FINISH a morning yoga routine.
  • I finished projects early for Eliza’s birthday party, so the whole shindig will be low stress.

There are still things I need to work on: setting more realistic goals so I can meet solid deadlines I set for myself, getting the kids ready earlier so we can get to places on time, cooking earlier so that bedtime for the kids is less rushed (and the dishes get done), and waking up earlier for a less rushed morning. These are all things that I worked on this month, but change takes time. And sometimes I succeeded (mostly when I was consciously thinking about my word) and sometimes I failed. But the most important thing is that I did better, and I’d like to keep that going.

February wasn’t only for FINISH early, it also was for looking to the intentions for the months ahead. I tried to do things that needed to be done in order to meet the goals for the months to come. Here are the rest of the year’s intentions, and what I did to work toward them:

Mar FINISH reading | The material from the Shakespeare / Poe / Frost challenge I started last year will be completed.

I finished Poe! I read his novel and the selected poems included in the book I was working out of. I also read King Lear and Romeo and Juliet. That means there are only three Shakespeare plays and the sonnets left!

Apr FINISH draft | I will complete the writing of the most current draft of my novel.

I failed at meeting my goal for the month, but that won’t stop me. I also got some news that may result in a big project for me this year, so I may have to re-evaluate this goal in favor of another goal.

May FINISH wood | I will put finish on wood (hah!) on a carpentry project I will make with Poppy (my grandpa).

I did no things.

Jun from start to FINISH | The editing on the final draft of my manuscript will be complete!

See April.

Jul FINISH fini | I will finish reading a book in French.

I worked with Eliza on her French spelling words and read a few books with her in French. Not on my way to reading an adult book, but it’s something.

Aug FINISH trip | We will come back from our first real family vacation to Yellowstone.

We did no things.

Sept FINISHing touches | My novel will be DONE and query letters will be out of the door.

See April.

Oct FINSH line | I will run a 5K (the Susan G. Komen Race for a Cure).

I ran some, but not a lot due to the weather. I kept up with (pretty much daily) yoga.

Nov FINISH debt | Our debt will be decimated!

I reached the monthly goal!

Dec FINISHed | We’ll close the doors to our Etsy shop and I will enjoy the end of the year!

Worked on improving the Document Life Workshop store, the new version of which will be live soon! Set a retiring date (March 1) for our best seller, record bookends. Got better at the whole affiliate thing.

I think I’m chugging along quite nicely. Doing these monthly posts really helps me celebrate my successes and reevaluate where I need to improve. I don’t want to sound too mushy, guys, but this project is changing my frame of mind and that, as a result, is changing my life. Good stuff is happening.

Also of note:

Do you have a One Little Word? How did your intentions vs. actions work out for February?

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