Last week, I did A Day in the Life. This weekend, I ordered tons (TONS) of photos from Persnickety Prints to take advantage of their free shipping sale. I ordered photos for Project Life 2013 (weeks 2-5) which includes Day in the Life, 7 digital layouts and photo collages for my Tuesday Week in the Life Documentation to add to my 2012 Week in the Life Album, a few 12 x 12 and 12 x 11 digital layouts I’ve been stockpiling, and a few random photos for layouts.

Because I had a lot of photos to edit in a hurry, I decided to purchase Ali Edward’s Day in the Life 6 x 12 layered templates to speed up the process. Also, I think they’re super cute. Full discloser: using the template actually ended up taking longer, because I had to track down a free font used in the template not already on my computer. I’m calling it worth it, though, because Bebas Neue is awesome.

Ali wrote somewhere that she’s preparing a tutorial, but if you’re not used to layered template and working with masks, you’ll find this video tutorial helpful. I will say that the template could have been MUCH simpler. If the banner and the words were just separate layers, you could slide a photo underneath them even if you don’t know how to knock out elements from a mask.

I also had more words that the template had room for, so I changed the added an “early morning” in place of the “grateful” journaling space so I’d have more room to list what happened throughout the day.

I’ll be adding Day in the Life in my Week 5 Project Life. It will take up two 6 x 12 inserts and the right side of the 12 x 12 spread. I go overboard, honestly.

I made photo collages for the rest of the photos:

Easy cheat: I wanted white lines between the photos to make them easier to view individually, but I didn’t want to have to measure it all out. So I just added thin white rectangle layers on top of the photos. I made one, then copied it a bunch to get the same width. Then I dragged them to the right places, rotated the copies and shorted them as needed.

The evening photos are all going to be printed in 4 x 6.

What do you do when you need to get a ton of photos into a Project Life spread? Do you go all out like me or do you edit back?

**Edited: Ali’s January pages, including a tutorial on working with the template, is now up here.