Bookshelves Draft

One of our big Make It Happen, Cap’n goals for the year is to get our first floor decorated and cleanish. We’ve done a lot so far: painted our living room, bought a rug and new-to-us couch, got rid of the giant piano that didn’t work and was just taking up space, started making changes that will help us be more organized… but our big project is a full wall of bookshelves. Given the amount that Megan Reads, it might not be a surprise to you that we pretty much have a library in our house. I think, on last count, we were up to 700 books or so, including kids’ books and textbooks. They’re all over the house right now, and we’ve been dreaming of a custom full-wall bookshelves to house them for years.

We’ve known for two years that we want a combination of wood and metal pipe for our bookshelf. We love mixing the old and classic elements of our house with industrial decor. Inspiration for pipe bookshelves is all over the internet! Our favorites are this reclaimed wood pipe shelf on Etsy and this shelf on a Beautiful Mess. (We promise we picked gray for our wall before that post; we’re not just copycats!)


Bookshelf Planning

We’re getting to work prepping everything. I’ve been doing a lot of measuring and Megan is working on touching up and painting the corners of our wall (a month and a half after painting our living room, we still hadn’t painted the last two corners. It takes us forever to finish anything).

Drafting. @jake_nerdnest

This weekend, I set out to design the shelf in using the free program Sketch Up. The shelf is pretty simple and I didn’t actually have to use the program for it, but it’s good practice for when I design and build a shed (hopefully) later in the year. Plus, if I can integrate technology into any project, I’m gonna.


We also did all of our pricing. I figured out how many of all the pipe fittings we’ll need and priced them at a local hardware store. I sent the list to my dad, who is an industrial plumber and should be able to help us get cheaper parts. Megan’s grandpa Poppy, who is a hobbyist carpenter, priced the wood for us at a local lumber yard. We’re so thankful they both know so much about the materials. (What size they come in, etc.)

We’re getting closer and I’m extremely excited to see how they turn out! It’ll be one of our first major home improvement projects.