We’re bringing back Savory Sunday, but we’re switching it up. Instead of focusing on meal planning, we’re just going to share what we’ve been eating lately. It’ll be nice to not feel like we have to take pictures of everything we’re eating.

Here’s what we’ve been eating lately:

Mixed MashMeatloaf
Westport Flea Market Favorite diner food. Shepherd's pie for dinner
Making dinner with my sous chefs! Mini cheese soufflés for dinner. Made by Eliza, brought to us by @rachaelraymag

@megan_nerdnest 's cheese soufflé...  Smells incredible!
Po's Dumpling Bar Pork noodle soup Breakfast
Potato soup Peach Wave Jonas is making brunch.
His and hers

Here’s what’s going on in those Instagrams up there:

Giant burger bite at Westport Flea Market, which keeps getting voted the best burger in Kansas City for a reason // Dinner at our favorite diner Chubby’s // Shepherd’s Pie (though we made the recipe easier by leaving the extra veggies out of the mash) // My two sous chefs, in their aprons // Eliza and I made Mini Cheese Souffles together, which was super fun. They were delicious, though I was the only one who liked the salad. Which was fine by me, because I loved it so much that not sharing was a good thing // Jake got a better picture // Appetizers at Po’s Dumpling Bar. I could drink the dumpling sauce // Pork noodle soup at Po’s. They make their own noodles! It was a little bland this time around, but it’s usually amazing // I’m kind of obsessed with Udi’s Vanilla Granola in yogurt // Very Dairy Potato Soup // Fro Yo from Peach Wave (Perfect double date.) // Jonas mashing sausage for biscuits and gravy // Jonas and I love having breakfast at the Filling Station // We made mixed mash with sweet potatoes, cauliflower, and yukon gold potatoes // I forgot that lean hamburger makes dry meatloaf. Oops.

Other stuff: We love this Football dip (spice it up with cumin, garlic salt, and chili powder) // My friend Liz’s creamy chicken florentine is delicious // Eliza’s favorite right now is Chicken Pot Pie

What have you been eating?