Windmills in Kansas

We took a ridiculous amount of photos on our weekend trip to Denver, so we’re breaking up the photos into a few posts. Almost half of the trip was actually driving there, mostly straight across rural Kansas on I-70, so we made sure to capture some of the Great Plains.

Windmill in Kansas

Abandoned Gas Station in Kansas

And cows

Oodles of windmills

Long Drive

@jake_nerdnest capturing the sunset over the mountains

Sunset Over Colorado

It’s funny to us that this is what people picture when we tell them we live in Kansas City, Missouri. (It’s not.) The view from Kansas City to Denver was all abandoned gas stations, a lot of brown, rolling hills, the whole horizon (a rare sight for us city mice), cows, (our favorite) seas of windmills. We drove for about for 9 hours each way, and I made sure to pull over to get the sunset over the mountains just as we arrived to Colorado.

Do you ever pull over to take pictures on road trips?