Well, the first real Make it Happen, Cap’n test arrived on our doorstep this week. As those of you who follow Jake and me on Twitter already know, my iMac has kicked the bucket. No worries, it only needs a new harddrive, which is bound to happen in the life of every computer. I backed the harddrive up diligently on an external drive, so I didn’t lose info. Also, Jake’s a computer wiz. He’s replacing the old harddrive with a new terabyte (which is SO exciting). We have to share his laptop until then, which slows us down but is not the end of the world.

And then the external drive stopped working, just as I was about to finish editing and organizing a huge batch of photos. Wah wah wah. I never thought to back up the back up in the week that I was only working off one. Jake will be able to save the info by removing the drive and plopping it into our server, but I won’t have access to the bulk of my content for the workshop I was planning on releasing this weekend at Document Life Workshop, my photos for the projects I was planning on finishing up, and my novel manuscript (which is also backed up on my Google Drive online, so I’m not too worried about that).

Instead of getting grumpy and disheartened, I’m just going to transfer my energy. There are still things I can finish, I’ll just have to re-arrange my plans a bit. I’m going to roll with the punches and think of the bigger picture. (Could that sentence BE any more loaded with clichés?)

And, important friendly reminder, BACK YO SHIZ UP.

P.S. I’m excited that Google Fiber is going to be installed here later this year, because it includes a terabyte on the iCloud so triple backing up will be a breeze (and cheap).