Cheeeeese mama!

Training them early.

Lily bean is not used to living here yet.

We have a temporary cat for a few months. Meet Lily! She’s my sister’s cat, and we’re long term kitty sitting. She’s super pretty and so so soft. Which would be awesome if, you know, she let us touch her.

She’s actually our cat Ashes’s sister (FIY: Ashes has decided she lives outside now, and there’s nothing we can do about it. We think it’s because Jonas loved her a little TOO much.)

Kitten sitting for the next few months

This was the only moment of love between Lily and Charcoal. Then she decided he was scary and has been hiding under things for days. And Charcoal (the passive agressive jerk) has been head-butting me 300% more than normal to leave his scent just so Lily knows that I AM HIS HUMAN. Charcoal’s acting sweet, like he wants to be friends with her, but I’ve got his number. I know your tricks, sir.

Cleaning Jonas's room.

Have I mentioned that Charcoal is the best cat ever? He follows us around everywhere. He’s like Where’s Waldo in all of our Instagrams. In this one, he’s helping me clean Jonas’s room.

So thankful that @jake_nerdnest was able to recover our hard drive info!

Jake is my hero. My mac died, and back-up harddrive died too. Luckily Jake was able to get the broken external drive to work long enough to get everything important off of it and onto our other external drive and his computer. He didn’t know how he got it started up, so he was afraid to move from this spot for a few hours. I was like his waitress, bringing him dinner and drinks because he was so scared to move. Hah! I’m nervous that the data is in only one place again (though, technically it’s also on all of the broken stuff), but that’ll change tonight.

Very exciting box!

Because my new terabyte harddrive is here! Jake loves getting parts from New Egg. They’re super affordable and high quality. He’s installing it tonight! Woot!

Look what was on my doorstep this morning! #projectlife #scrapbooking #seafoam

I’m mostly excited to have my info back so I can finish up a workshop that I was intending to finish LAST weekend, but I’m also stoked that I can order tons of photos today now. Project Life Seafoam Core Kit showed up on my doorstep this morning and I am itching to use it. (More on my crazy back-and-forth about whether or not to get it later.)

What kind of nerd would I be if I didn't know how to properly duct tape my glasses back together?

Jonas broke Jake’s glasses (uh-oh!). He was due for new ones anyway, but it’s duct tape to the rescue until they are done tomorrow. Also, Jake is way better at iPhone photography than I am.

Reading Harry 5 to them while they build Diagonal Alley #harrypotter #lego

Jake and Eliza have been all about putting together the Diagon Ally Lego set lately. I read Harry Potter 5 to them while they do it. Funny, we were doing the exact same thing this time last year, except it was Hogwarts Castle they were building and Harry Potter 4 that we were reading).

Score! $13 #starwars

Excited to have scored big boy Star Wars sheets for Jonas for $13 at Target! He might not need them for a few months, but that’s why the early bird gets the worm, right?

Reason we love Trader Joe's #1 million.

Jonas has decided that he’s big enough to have his own cart at Trader Joe’s. It’s a little crazy to have three carts going (the real one, Jonas’s, and Eliza). It’s easier to divide and conquer with the AnyList app, which will show Jake what I’ve crossed off our grocery list and vice versa.

The kind of thing that happens when I go to the bathroom, because he knows I'm stuck. And yep, the water is on.

Because a large percentage of Jonas’s Houdini messes occur when I’m going to the bathroom, I thought it might be a good idea to take him in with me. Of course, that was stupid. He moved a stool, climbed into the sink, and turned the water on, fully clothed. He knew I was stuck. Charcoal makes a bad deputy.


We got a teeny tiny bit of snow. Selfies are way easier with the iPhone. Our old phones’ reverse cameras were so low quality that Instagram wouldn’t even accept them.

I was grouchy this morning, so I bought @jake_nerdnest Oreos.

I was grouchy last Saturday morning, so I bought Jake “sorry Oreos”. But then didn’t get any milk, so it seemed as if I was just trying to be even more evil. Hah!

Bike lessons.

Eliza is sort of learning to ride her new bike. This is her practicing walking around on her tippy-toes with it between her legs. We’ll be putting her hair in a pony tail next time. We also bought a helmet that actually fits so she can try to actually ride it. For now, she’s progressed to riding with me holding the back of the seat. Jonas is a hard obstacle: he wants to play bumper bikes.


Lately, Charcoal’s loyalty has been with the person who has the softest blanket.

I’m off to order photos and to prepare for a little trip to Denver we’re taking this weekend!

That’s what we’ve been doing. What have you been up to?