My grandpa made us Quidditch goals!!!

Poppy (Megan’s grandpa) made us Quidditch goals! We’re planning on using them all of the time, but the main event is going to be Eliza’s first-ever kid birthday party. It’s Harry Potter themed and will be epic. We’ll be selling them soon.

Broken? What do you think?

I maaay have broken my toe.

Flower light saber battle.

The kids have been using flowers to have light saber battles.

@jake_nerdnest You are pretty

Meg and I finally have iPhones. We’re pretty much obsessed with them. I love that you can literally see a line in our Instagram photos between the awesome iPhone ones and the crummy Android ones. (Find us at @Jake_NerdNest and @Megan_NerdNest).

I ‘ve been using the Glympse app on on my way home, so Meg knows exactly when I’ll arrive! What are your favorite apps?

Bedtime stories.

Our kids are adorable.

Hello from Hedgie

We’ve had our African Pygmy hedgehog Rollie Pollie (aka Hedgie) since December 2009. They live three to eight years, so Eliza has been extra attentive to her because she’s scared that she’s getting old.

Because a cat's the only cat, who knows where it's at!

This dude is about to get a temporary friend: we’re cat sitting for a few months.

Happy Birthday, Jonas!

Jonas has decided that it’s time to start potty training. He still hasn’t actually gone in the potty yet. One morning, he asked to go to the potty, farted, was totally proud of himself, and then took off his pants and diaper and peed on Megan’s and my bedroom floor five minutes later. Joys of parenting.

That’s what’s been going on with us. What’s been going on with you?