Wild Child

Jonas is loving doing laps around the first floor on his tricycle.

Saying goodbye to our cat scratched couch today!

We bought a nice, soft rug at IKEA in Denver and it made our sad, droopy, too-big-for-the-room, cat-scratched couch look even worse through juxtaposition.

New Couch

So we found a new one on Criag’s List for $175 (Yes!!!) and put our old one on our magic curb with a “Free” sign. It was gone the next morning. I can’t wait to brighten it up with some DIY pillows, because let’s face it, that’s A LOT of brown.

Until we can buy some soft paws.

We’re also dealing with aluminum foil to prevent cat scratching while we wait for Soft Claws to come in the mail. Thanks to Amy for that idea!

Loved the pilot of the Following. Can’t wait for more.

Just made Eliza a wand!

We’re busy prepping for Eliza’s Harry Potter birthday party (which we’re now having at the end of February, even though her birthday is at the beginning of January). Jake is going to make custom wands for all of the kids (awesome).

@jake_nerdnest 's wands. Only 25 more to go! #harrypotter

Coolest Dad ever.

Told him to pick what he wanted to wear, and he came back with this. (Also, taking a cloth diaper break this week.)

What Jonas picks when he gets to choose what to wear.

I’m super excited that 30 Days of Lists is about to start up again. If you haven’t already, Sign up for the 30 Days of Lists newsletter so that you’re the first to know when registration opens!

Exciting collection from @ghostbottoaster ! Thanks for the extras , excited to listen to them today. #music #punk

Loving the CDs I bought from Ghostbot Records. Now if only we could get our needle fixed so I can listen to the records too!

Putting on a concert for Abba and Grandpa.

Eliza and Jonas have decided that life is a musical and are constantly singing and putting on performances.

Made sketches, edited photos, and ordered photos for 6 1/2 weeks of Project Life today. #projectlife

I’m excited to be cranking out tons of Project Life layouts.

First week of January in words. #blurb #planner #memorykeeping

I’m loving that doing a few weeks at a time is no big deal because I’m jotting down notes about each day (or about each day every few days, more realistically) in my Blurb planner. This not only helps me remember things that we don’t photograph and get more words in, it also came in as a HUGE help when a lot of our photos somehow were stamped with the wrong date and were all wonky in iPhoto. Obviously, any planner does the trick for this, but we think Blurb is cool because you can customize the cover and pages as well as the start / end dates.


Trying to make sure we get to the pool at least once a week. Which means I’m open to all crock pot and super super quick dinner suggestions you all might have.

Hello, yoga.

Loving the yoga kit recommended by Kam (that’s her affiliate link).

Eliza wants to do yoga too.

Eliza has been really into it too; she even wants to wake up earlier so that she can do the a.m. practice before school. We’re borrowing an extra mat from my work-out-obsessed bestie Harvey so we can do it together.

Lily has finally decided that she's my friend.

Lily is getting nicer but is still scared of Charcoal, who keeps laying in front of her, wanting to snuggle.

Network Nerd

That’s what’s been up with us! What have you been up to?