Amy from Lemon & Raspberry is here to talk about her two new One Year of Journaling ecourses today!

With One Year of Journaling, you receive one journaling prompt and example in your inbox every week for a whole year–and it starts the week after you sign up! Choose from two courses: One Year of Everyday, which prompts you to tell YOUR story of YOUR life, and Our First Year Together, which prompts you to tell your love story!

I’m signed up for and am proud to be one of the many contributors for both courses! Other contributors include Kam, Elise Blaha Cripe, Allie Trumpower, Nancy, and Kristin. I love that my fellow contributors are from all walks of life and am so excited to see the different journaling perspectives they all bring!

I’ve been looking forward to checking my e-mails every Tuesday morning. I love reading stories from Amy and the contributors–they often have me laughing out loud–and I’m excited to have some direction to all of the stories I want to tell. I’m three weeks in, and I have about 1/4 of a composition books filled up already. Of course, that’s just because I’m crazy and verbose.

I’m so in love with the courses, and I wanted you all to get to know more about them! I asked Amy to answer a few questions about One Year of Journaling for you!

Q: I love hearing backstories on the birth of creative ventures. How did you get the idea for One Year of Journaling?

Amy: Honestly, the very initial idea was my mom’s (Nancy listed on the Contributor’s page) – but I greatly expanded and changed it. She’s always having creative ideas and she thought some kind of collection of journaling ideas for new brides would be good and came up with 52 different ideas. But! My mom doesn’t have the time (she’s busy with her own business) or online platform to really get the word out to a lot of memory keepers, so she offered it to me.

I changed and altered her list of prompts – specifically changing it from First Year Married to First Year Together to accommodate more couples. It’s really important to me that these not be hetero-centric, and that unmarried couples feel this is something they can use. While I was brainstorming how to get the prompts delivered, I thought more about other prompt series that memory keepers would enjoy and very quickly came up with 52 ideas for journaling about everyday life (One Year of Everyday).

I have a few other series in mind to release in the future – particularly One Year at Home and Your First Year (for babies, adopted family and new pets).

Q: The contributors to the project have an excellent range of perspectives! What role do these ladies play in the courses?

Amy: As I mentioned above, it was important to me that the prompts not assume anything of the audience. I think a lot of people get workshops or self-paced projects like this and then get frustrated because the specifics (journaling, supplies or other) don’t work for them. I really wanted to show a range of options for how to interpret all the prompts. For example, in Our First Year Together there is a prompt about honeymoons, but even if you’ve never taken a honeymoon, you can still write about the honeymoon you plan to take, or wish you could take or even emulate Susan Baker in Rilla of Ingleside and take a honeymoon alone because even if you’re not married you don’t mean to be shut out of all the privileges.

In the contributors we have everyone from Kam (who has been with her boyfriend for a few years but only got their own place together in the last year) to Nancy (married for 35 years with 2 kids). I would love an even broader range, but I think this is a good start.

Q: Each e-mail contains an example, so you’ve done many of these journaling prompts yourself already. Can you share a bit about how these prompts have changed, inspired, or aided your documentation process?

Amy: I’m not quite done with all the prompts – after all, I’m not doing journaling for the ones that contributors are doing. But with all the personal writing I’ve been doing lately I am so excited to find a way to put all these smaller pieces together. I am tentatively thinking of putting my Our First Year Together journaling in a Blurb book with the old photos I’ve been meaning to scan.

I’m also hoping to include regular pieces from One Year of Everyday into my Project Life – a pocket of journaling about my car right now, for example, or our grocery-store routine. These are pieces of my life that will get lost if I don’t include them somewhere, but are also little quirks that I imagine our grandkids getting a kick out of in forty years. Or that I will forget in 2 years, knowing me.

Q: Is there a place for students to connect and share their journaling?

Amy: There is! Everyone gets the prompts in their own time, so I did not create one central website to share prompts. You may be on prompt 12 while someone else is on prompt 4.

However, there IS a Flickr Group (where you can share art journal pages, or other visual ways you are journaling) that includes a discussion forum. ALSO: there are 2 hashtags used (#1yearUS and #1yearME) on Twitter and Instagram if you are sharing your work.

Q: Do you have plans for additional journaling courses?

Amy: Of course! As I mentioned above, I would like to create a few more email series of prompts on a variety of topics. Home, babies, school, work. So many aspects of our stories are not recorded fully. If you have ideas for a series, let me know in the comments.

But I am also thinking about creating journaling-project-specific self-paced classes (similar to Ali Edwards’ Halloween or Scrapbook on the Road classes, but not exactly). I’m only recently getting excited about memory keeping again (all because of Project Life), so this is just something I’m thinking about.

Aren’t these courses amazing?

I’m so excited about them! Sign up now!

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