We are headed 8 hours down I-70 West tomorrow to visit this lovely lady! For those of you who are new around here, my best friend Jessica lives in Denver. She came to visit us FOUR times last year, and we haven’t been there since I was pregnant with Jonas. Totally our turn. The kids are staying in Kansas City to be passed between grandparents (they will be spoiled rotten), and we’ll be living it up a mile high until we come back on Monday.

Our plans include hanging out with all of Jessica’s Denver buddies Friday night (visits either way always inspire large parties), going to Boulder to eat and shop and climb at The Spot, upon Kam’s recommendation. We’ll be museum browsing, non-stop talking, and (most of all) enjoying friend snuggle piles.

We won’t be very active on the Internets this weekend (except for maybe on Instagram: we’re @Megan_NerdNest and @Jake_NerdNest), but we’ve got a bunch of stuff scheduled around here that you’re not going to want to miss!