Jessica & Megan

So, we posted a lot of pretty pictures of our Denver trip. We took a ton of pictures of Rural Kansas, Red Rocks, Flagstaff Mountain, and some awesome food. But the trip was really all about that lady. I love Jessica so much and wish more than anything that there wasn’t nine hours of highway between us.

Jackii, Jessica, Jake, and Chris

I love that we visit each other so much (though she visits much more than we do– I went 3 times in 2009, but this is our first time out since Jonas was born). Because of this, her Denver friends are our friends too. I love Jackii and Chris! Jake knows Jackii because she’s come to Kansas City with Jessica a few times, but it was his first time meeting Chris. They hit it off and didn’t stop talking computer nerd for several hours after they met. Hah!

Chris & Megan

Someone invent teleporters already. I want my friends back!

Jessica, Jake, and Jackii in Boulder

Despite all of the pretty photos, the majority of our Denver time was spent just hanging out at Jessica and Jackii’s. The trip was all about our friends.


Well, it was about our friends and IKEA. We maaaay have spent around four hours there. Hah! We just found out that we’re getting one in our city next year. I can feel my house organizing and my bank account draining through the space-time continuum.

Do you have friends who live in a different city?