Make it happen cap'n

It’s a new year, and it’s time for a new mantra! One Step at a Time worked well for us last year, but this year it’s time for a change. This year, we’re going to make it happen, cap’n! This might seem like a weird mantra (it is), but Jake and I say it to each other all of the time. Whenever one of us complains about an obstacle or something that needs to be done, the other one says, “Make it happen, cap’n!”

It’s sort of a “power through” kind of a mantra: it’s all about finishing. (Related: FINISH is my One Little Word for 2013. But that’s a me thing, this mantra is a me + Jake thing.)

January MOC: Photobooth

(Photobooth photos by Deprisco Photo)

We toyed a bit with “Stop dreaming, start doing,” but I thought it sounded like a drill sergent and Jake thought it sounded to fluffy-touchy-feely for us. Those are totally opposite reactions, but one thing was certain: it didn’t fit. But the “make it happen” did. It’s pushy, it’s motivating, but it’s funny and lighthearted too.

This year we’re not letting things get in the way. We’re finishing up things we’ve been putting off: no excuses. That means 2013 is the year I finish the final draft of my novel. It’s the year Jake gets a motorcycle (which he’s been obsessed with getting since he was a teenager). It’s the year we work to make our house what we want it to be. It’s the year we we can close the Etsy shop because we’re making enough doing other creative endeavors (that will probably not be until the very end of the year). It’s the year we make a family vacation happen. We’re going to make it happen, cap’in: 2013 is a year for dreams to come true.

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