Jonas has graduated to making his own lunch. He made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich all by himself (with Jake hovering). He’s also really into my mom’s Christmas present for him: a homemade chef’s apron! It has puppies on one side and pieced fruits and veggies on the other side. You’ll be seeing a lot of that.

Chillin' with @jake_nerdnest and @paulnyakatura

We had an awesome time hanging out with our friend Paul Nyakatura last weekend. He came by to return a book and check out more (which we can do with our Delicious Library system), but ended up staying for hours (which is what always happens to people around here). Jake updated Paul’s site and some exciting things are happening on Paul’s Music Page. Not sure if I can officially talk about them yet, so you’ll have to check them out yourself. He made us watch this awful music video, which is apparently really popular, as an example of the state of rap right now. It’s catchy, so click at your own risk.

To make up for it, he showed us this one, which is the best music video by kids ever made:


Fancy girl.

Eliza loved her holiday dress. She wore it 3/4 days for Christmas parties.

Where am I supposed to sleep?

This happened. Somehow I squeezed in there. Worst night of sleep in my life; totally worth it.

It's really time for some new kicks.

Really excited that my daily kicks are going from my vans, which have died…

No gapping holes in my shoes! My MIL rocks. #toms

…to these rad Toms. We boycott a lot of shoe companies, so I’m super glad that my MIL got me these. My mom also bought me minimal running shoes, so my feet are all decked out post-Christmas! Guess I’ll REALLY have to keep up with running now.

The Christmas stuff will all be down before this guy's birthday Saturday (for the first time ever).

This guy is turning two tomorrow, and for the first time, all of the Christmas stuff is down in time for his birthday. (Except for the trees with Eliza’s handmade ornaments from this year, we keep those up for a long time.)

Sick Jonas is Snuggly

Jonas is sick AGAIN. He had a fever yesterday, but only has a runny nose today. Hopefully he’ll be back to 100% tomorrow for his birthday.

Sick Jonas is Snuggly

I honestly kind of guiltily love when he’s sick, because I get so much snuggle time.

Living Room Before

We moved ALL of the stuff out of our living room yesterday.

Cracking the paint.

So we can paint. Jake’s off until next week, so of course we’re painting, building a bookshelf, having a birthday party, going to Legoland Discovery Center, and he’s doing several big side coding jobs. We’re no good at relaxing.

P.S. We didn’t get around to posting yesterday, so check back in for one (or maybe even two) more posts today.

What’s going on with you right now?