@jake_nerdnest has all of the snuggles

Holding these guys close.

Jake and I are going on a Facebook freeze because the trolling is leaving us with mixed feelings: all of them negative.

My anxiety has been really bad this weekend.

Homemade pizza, homemade pizza peel. #diy #werock

We we proud to make a homemade pizza with our homemade pizza peel for the first time. Jake and I felt like the King and Queen of DIY.

The Mac Daddy

We’ve been eating out and eating frozen food a lot. Maybe 1/5 of our meals have been truly home cooked in the past few weeks? When the Etsy holiday orders start rolling in, our family routine kind of falls apart.

It doesn’t help that there was at least one sick person in our house for a whole two weeks. That sucked. But we’re past it and I feel like I’m drowning in catching-up things.

In case you’re wondering, all of our (mostly my) grand ideas for Daily Stuff in December is totally not happening. Planning on making up for two weeks of not doing any of it with two weeks of doubling up.

Record bookend assembly line with @jake_nerdnest

There’s still a lot of record bookend action going on around here. We’ve got it down to a science. That photo up there is our team assembly line packing.

Our shop is going on vacation for the holidays Thursday morning. Orders made before Wednesday night should get to you by Christmas (we ship USPS Priority Mail, 2-3 day).

The Hobbit!!!

Jake and I went to go see the Hobbit today. Love dates. Love matinee prices. Love that the kids’ grandparents love stealing them away.

I’ve been re-reading the Harry Potter series. I started while I was sick, and kept it up because it’s the best thing to read before bed when my brain is mush. Also, it makes me feel better.

My computer is having all sorts of problems (its getting old), so Jake and I are sharing a lot. It’s not helping with the whole “I’m behind” thing. Thankfully, we have an appointment at the Mac Store this week.

Tutoring econ

I tutored Jake’s awesome cousin Emily in economics a few times this semester. I miss school and homework so much. Thankful to get to do some brain push-ups and help someone at the same time.

I figure most of you know that I blog over on Document Life Workshop too, but you memory keepers are really going to want to check out the post I just wrote on 5 tips for avoiding memory keeping burnout. And my weekly challenges are a ton of fun to write; I love them. (Hopefully they’re fun to read, too.)

We haven’t had as much time to respond to comments here, but we read and love and appreciate all of them.

There's finally stuff on our tree!

I thought that I left everything breakable off of the tree, but Jonas is talented. Nothing is safe with that dude.

Enjoying the awesome weather.

The weather is uncharacteristically warm here in Kansas City. That might be part of the reason I don’t feel like Christmas is really as close as it is!

Today’s the last day to enter the Blurb Planner Giveaway! You have until noon CST to enter.

That’s what’s been going on around here. What’s up with you?

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