Pumpkin Bread

Forget our pumpkin bread recipe, make this old-fashioned pumpkin nut loaf bread from Very Best Baking instead! My Aunt Beth brought it over to a family dinner for dessert awhile back, and I knew that the dozens of pumpkin bread loaves I’ve made in the past could not compare. This is way better!

This pumpkin bread is super moist, isn’t too sweet, and has a perfect bread texture. (My version is way too dense.) Top it off with a bit of whipped cream and you’re in heaven. The only thing I’d change is maybe a bit more spice next time.

Aftermath of baking with the kids.

As usual with any sort of baking, cooking, or kitchen activities around here, the kids helped. So the kitchen looked like this afterwards. But hey, they had fun, learned a bit about counting (Jonas), fractions (Eliza), and taking turns (both), so a little clean up is a small price to pay.

Pumpkin Bread

Random funny story: I took about one picture before Jonas climbed up and started eating the piece I cut off. He’s had, through permission or sneaky Houdini moves, about four pieces in 24 hours. While he was eating this piece I grabbed his chef and mouse hand-puppets and we put on a show. The chef wanted the bread all to himself, (“I am zee chef, only I may have zee bread!”) and the mouse kept sneaking up to get it. The mouse was SO hungry that he tried to eat Jonas, but the chef claimed Jonas as well. The chef caved and shared with everyone after the mouse started crying. I haven’t had Jonas laughing so hard in WEEKS. (Jake’s way funnier than I am, he can get the kids rolling without any effort.)

Pumpkin Bread

What have you been cooking lately?

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