We don’t go overboard with the Christmas decorating, but I’m loving the little touches here and there. It still doesn’t really feel like Christmas is so close (maybe because the weather is freakishly warm?), but the stuff really helps me get into the holiday spirit. (I know you’re not supposed to admit the stuff is important, but it is. I’m not a Who: I need to see the Christmas to feel the Christmas.) Love the holly Pyrex and santa nesting dolls and snowflakes in flasks.


Love the beads around the banister.


Love that Eliza added her snowman Pez dispenser and was really into deciding where things go. Love the few holiday cards we received, and the DIY Brad Magnets holding them up on a wintery vintage tray.


Love that Jonas figured out that you can make light dance with sparkly things. (Not loving that he’s making 100% more messes now that he has access to other things to spread around. Can’t keep the ornaments on the tree.)


Love last year’s new tradition of a Tree Trunk Candle Holder. Can’t wait to drill a hole in this year’s trunk and buy new long candles.


Love that even though we ended up leaving our Music Sheet Wreath up all year, it feels Christmasy with everything else around it.


Love that our tree is topped with an Eliza-made pipe-cleaner star.


Love that the stockings are hung.


Love that my grandpa gave me this light-up snowman, which was my favorite decoration as a kid (it still is). Looking at it every year brings up so many great memories.


Love that the online season is almost done. Christmas three (or is it four now?) years running means record bookends, and Jake and I love it at first, but we’re glad that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

The rest of today is for catching up on my December workshop (if you’re taking the workshop, check out the post about all of the FREEBIES you get to make up for me getting so behind!). It’s for playing outside, reading and making ornaments with Eliza, finally getting some groceries into this house, responding to blog comments, actually vacuuming and sweeping and cleaning out the fridge (all way overdue), ordering tons of photos and calendars from CVS, and (what else?) making and packing the last round of Etsy orders.

What are the holidays looking like for you so far?