Blurb Planner using designs by Little Butterfly Wings

When Blurb contacted me to see if I wanted to try out one of their custom planners at a super discounted rate, I totally jumped on it.

I’m married to my Google Calendar, because I’m so disorganized that I REALLY need to be able to drag and drop events to new dates (I push stuff back way more than you know, guys). So I’m not actually going to use it as a planner. I’m going to use this for memory keeping instead. Everyday next year, I’ll write a little note about what we did for the day or a cute thing one of the kids said. And I can keep it in my bag, unlike my electronics, so I can write stuff down whenever the idea strikes! I went with the trade size because, as you guys know, I’m pretty darn wordy.

I’m guessing that this is going to be paramount in helping me with my goal about making my 2013 Project Life more about the words. I was also excited about the discount, because it meant that I could go with the fancier hardcover version, which will hold up much better with daily use. This thing is going to get thrown into a diaper bag, so it has to have covers of steal*. (*The covers aren’t actually made of steal, obviously.)

Blurb Planner using designs by Little Butterfly Wings

The point of the custom planners is kind of to be able to use your own photographs, but I decided not to go that route. We’ve got a million ways to display our photos around here, and I decided I just wanted one with an awesome design instead. I’d recently bought and downloaded a 5×7 Mini Calendar Kit by Little Butterfly Wings at the Lilypad I decided that would be perfect.

For the cover, I made a collage of all of the calendars pages. I LOVE how that turned out. The colors are great, and the book colors are 100% true to how they showed up on my screen. Nice and vivid!

Blurb Planner using designs by Little Butterfly Wings

This came together much much faster than my Kansas City Blurb Book. I’m pretty sure it’s because I was just familiar with it this time (there might be a learning curve there), but it was so easy. The template for the planner is already there, so all I had to do was put the monthly photo at the beginning of each month, pick which sorts of holidays I wanted to go in. It only took a few minutes to make! I also like that you can add in extra photos if you want to. So if you want a break with a couple pages of photos between the months, you could do that. (Think present for Grandma.) I also like that they charge for page ranges instead of per page, so if you want to add extra stuff you just have to make sure that you don’t pass into the next page range of pricing.

Blurb Planner

Here’s what Blurb has to say about their custom planners:

Custom Planner’s include:
• Elegant designs: Flexible templates let you easily add photos for each month as well as special events with notes in each day of the week
• Noteworthy paper: Planners are printed on our uncoated white text paper so you can jot down all your details
• Two convenient sizes: Planners are available in the 5 x 8 inch Pocket size (think perfect purse size) as well as the 6 x 9 inch Trade size
• Name your date: Set the start and end date of your planners
• Well-priced gifts: Weekly planners start at just US $21.95

Blurb Planner using designs by Little Butterfly Wings

I’m really happy with the quality of the book: these pages are not going to fall out ever. The biding is sturdy, the colors are vivid, and I can’t wait to crack the spine on January 1st to start writing!

*We’re Blurb affiliates, so using these links supports the Nerd Nest! They gave us a rad discount on the planner too, but the ideas are mine. If I hadn’t liked it, I wouldn’t have gushed about it. Promise.