It is crazy around here right now! The main attraction is a week-long visit from my best friend Jessica, who lives in Denver. She got in on last Tuesday and she’s staying until next Tuesday. Which means that this week is the best week ever.

No wrapping paper, so I'm breaking out the patterned paper.

Eliza went to an awesome birthday party earlier this week. Jake took her so I could stay and hang out with Jessica: he reports that she is amazing at making friends (she only knew the birthday girl).

We did’t have any non-Christmas wrapping paper for the gift, so I improvised with scrapbooking paper.

It's beginning to look a lot like...

Holiday sales are rolling in, so there’s been a lot of working, too. In case you didn’t catch it, we’re having a sale in our shop until Monday. 25% off with the coupon code “25OFF”. We also hit 1,000 total sales today (Wahoo!!!), so we’re thinking up of something fun and exciting to do to say thank you to you guys.


I’m not the only one getting quality bestie time. Eliza’s best friend Nani came over earlier in the week. There were a lot of princess dresses and giggling. It was adorable.


We went to THREE family Thanksgivings. Crazy! Jessica went to two of them with us.

Record notebook production underway

There’s been a lot of production going on around here too. We updated with a bunch of new record notebooks and we’re hoping to have more book journals up next week.

Going along with @elisejoy for #mileaday

Started Elise Blaha Cripe’s #mileaday yesterday. It’s cold and I’m wimpy, so I think that I’ll sub running in some days with other stuff. Swimming a mile totally counts. I’m thinking tonight will be a mile worth of yoga, whatever I decide that means.


Jessica visiting means that our other friends come to visit too! Friday night we ended up staying up until 4 in the morning.

These guysare my heroes. Dropped my sd card on the run and I found it.

When I was running, I dropped my SD card and lost it. Paul and Jake are my heros. I can’t believe they found that tiny black thing at 2 AM. That’s love (my heroes!).


It’s pretty much been the best week ever.


What have you been up to?