Kansas City

I took this photo randomly from the passenger seat in our car. We love our skyline.

Jonas has broken so much of our stuff lately. He ruined our toaster, broke the blender, and knocked over a mirror. I know, I know, these are all things that could have been prevented. Things that he shouldn’t have been in his reach (and 99% of the time are not in his reach). But this kid is an ornery little rascal: he plans, he waits for opportunity, and he strikes like a cobra. We’re thinking of tethering all of the chairs to tables like they do in outdoor cafes.

The entryway is cleanish!

We just saved over $100 a month by switching our homeowner’s insurance from Gieco/ Travelers to Allstate. We’re so excited! Our homeowners insurance is crazy expensive, because the cost to rebuild our giant 100+ year old home would be more than twice what it’s worth. Allstate let us insure our house for a little less, but was cheaper overall for the same coverage. This ALSO means that we’re getting a big old check for the amount we already over-paid into escrow for our insurance for next year. That money isn’t going to anything too exciting (it goes to the paying the car back account), but that’s $1,000 we didn’t know we’d have. That’s magic, folks. This isn’t a plug for Allstate, that just happened to be the company that worked for us. But maybe, if you’re a homeowner, this might be a good time to shop around and make sure you aren’t overpaying.


Jonas is a naughty pants and has been coloring on everything he’s not supposed to at every opportunity (walls, windows, wood, our couch…). This is partially Eliza’s fault, because she keeps accidentally dropping / leaving art supplies in his reach. So now they BOTH get in trouble if he gets ahold of coloring supplies. Hopefully that will help her remember a bit better. Jonas will find another thing to drive me crazy as soon as this is over though, have no fear. The anecdotes will never run dry with this kid.


Jake has been making us an app that allows us to have a shared online checkbook. We’re trying to just use our debit card and not our credit card; this will prevent us from over-drafting. I love that his side projects are so practical. Yep, he totally made that for fun.

Eliza got her first quarter report card and this kid is a rock star. Their report cards are different than the ones I had as a kid. Instead of grades, they actually tell you how they’re doing: “needs improvement, progressing, satisfactory, exceeds expectations” that sort of thing. I love that it prevents grade inflation. There’s also not an overall score for each subject. They break down each area into what they’re working on. So instead of an overall “Reading and Language Arts”, there’s a breakdown with things like “Reads well orally” “Reads independently” “Pronunciation / Intonation” and “Listening / Comprehension.” Eliza’s strengths are extra curricular like art and music, listening and comprehension, and her behavior. She’s always been a stickler for the rules, that kid. She needs to work a bit on her penmanship (she must have gotten that from me). I’m super proud of how she’s doing in school, but what’s even more exciting than how she’s doing in school is how much she loves school and learning in general.


I have given up on finding my wallet, which Jonas lost weeks ago, and am now working to replace its contents. Thankfully I won’t need photo id to vote next week.

Hide and go seek. "Two...two...two...two"

Jonas LOVES hide-and-go-seek right now. When he hides, we ask where he’s at. “Is he under the couch?” “Is he behind the table?” Every time, he answers, “Noooo!” What a good helper. You also have to chase him when you find him. He laughs and squeals and pounds the ground with his feet as he runs.

He also is good at being the seeker: he covers up his eyes and says, “One. Twooo. Twoooo. Twooo. Twooo.” Then, “Where’d you go?”


Tag is also a good option.


Annnnd both of the kids now insist in being 100% involved in whatever is happening in the kitchen. It makes things take twice as long, but it’s twice as fun, too.

What have you been up to?