Project Life 2011 | Week 46

Ah! There was an internet outage in our area last night, so I’m frantically trying to complete all of the work marked for last night now, during Jonas’s nap time. Hopefully I’ll have time to complete the awesome “Cost of Project Life : Digital vs. Physical” post I’m working on today for Document Life Workshop! For now over here, though, I’ve got the newest Project Life 2011 in 2012 layout. It’s really amazing to dive into what life was like this time last year!

Project Life 2011 | Week 46

This spread covers November 12-18 and the documentation was taken from this 365 2011 post. I keep saying this, but I’m so thankful that that project is making this one possible. It totally renews my faith in my documentation obsession.

Project Life 2011 | Week 46

One side of the spread is really a traditional layout focusing on the relationship between then-baby Jonas and his Uncle Nick.

I didn’t have any letter stickers that worked with this layout, so I attacked some chipboard stickers with Distress Stickles. And I reminded myself that I’m not really patient enough to use wet things in my scrapbooks.

Project Life 2011 | Week 46

The second page is great everyday stuff like a screenshot of Eliza on the front page of the CP Toys website, a screenshot of our record bookends on the front page of MSN Lifestyle, Eliza scrapbooking, Eliza and a pizza she earned through Pizza Hut’s Book It! program, and the kids with a stack of 100 boxes we bought at a local shipping supply company so that we could keep up with insane amount of orders we were getting after the whole MSN / Real Simple thing (only 20 cents per box!).

This time last year was so crazy for us that it’s a blur. I remember almost nothing of it on my own. I’m so glad that I took the time to do some documentation during all of that insanity (though I wish I had done more to document the insanity itself).

So loving this project. And I’m keepin’ ’em coming! I’ll have a Project Life 2012 spread up tonight or tomorrow!

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