Project Life 2011 | Week 45

What? Week 45? Didn’t you just do Week 9? Isn’t the whole Project Life 2011 in 2012 thing confusing enough?

Yep. But hear me out!

In part because of the free workshop, Daily Doc | November 2012, that I’m teaching this month, and in part because my memories of last year seem to be stronger with all of the matching seasonal stuff going on right now, I decided to skip ahead in my 2011 album to November. I’m still going to be working on Week 10 here pretty soon, but I really want to do November right now, and I go where the inspiration and motivation lead me.

Also, I think that figuring out how to document December for last year in Project Life, when I already have a December Daily album that’s really in-depth, will help me figure out what the heck I’m doing this year. The wheels are turning, folks.

Project Life 2011 | Week 45

This spread, which covers November 5-11, 2011, is all based on documentation from 365 2011 post. Again, so thankful we took on that project because it’s making this one possible.

I’ll also confess that I got off on my days when I sketched and ordered photos for these spreads. This year, my weeks run Sunday to Saturday. For 2011, they run Saturday to Friday. And I got mixed up. I decided to roll with it: in the future I won’t care at all if that family photo was actually taken on the 12th.

Project Life 2011 | Week 45

The first page features cute family photos, our one year anniversary in our house (which I thought the Amy Tangerine paper was perfect for!), our fat cat, and E and I finishing Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Project Life 2011 | Week 45

I did a 12 x 12 on the right side instead of pocketed page protectors because a) I wanted that family photo nice and big and b) the screenshot of our record bookends making it in a Real Simple magazine holiday gift guide was a weird shape. Those elements were a design challenge, let me tell you, but I think I pulled it off reasonably well.

On to the next! The Project Life crazy will continue tomorrow.

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Project Life is a memory keeping concept created by Becky Higgins.