Happy election day USA folks! Election day at the Nerd Nest is like the Superbowl in normal houses. We’ll be watching the votes roll in all night and will be, in all likelihood, be yelling at the TV in excitement a bit. As I said, like the Superbowl. Except, you know, serious.

He's documenting his voting experience.

Jake and I cast our ballots this morning. Jonas helped: I did the electronic kind so that he could push the buttons and wouldn’t get to crazy. He was really into it, and made a lot of friends while standing in line. Then he got home and wrote about it. We’re raisin’ ’em right, guys.

We hope that you vote if you are registered to vote. Every vote counts!

If you need a little convincing that your vote matters, then watch this:

And hey, our post on politics might be a good reminder to be respectful of others today, too.