Hermione and Dobby

I know I already shared the kids’ costumes and the whole DIY process, but they were so cute on Halloween that I couldn’t resist posting more. Also, the whole trick-or-treating thing was ridiculously cute, and I want to copy / paste this post for a scrapbook page later.






Firstly, the costumes were a hit. People in our neighborhood were really into the Hermione / Dobby combination, and people seemed especially appreciative that we “did Dobby right” (as in the book version, not the movie version). One guy even had us wait on the porch so that he could go and get his roommate to show him the costumes. These are the benefits of living in the land of the hipster. I love our neighborhood.

Jonas trick-or-treating had Jake and I cracking up. He tried to walk into the first few houses that we went to, but once he figured out what this candy-business was all about, he figured out how to play it up. He was very successful in getting extra candy from pretty much every house. He had a death grip on his candy bucket and wouldn’t let us carry it at all. He also kept tabs on Eliza and yelled, “Eye-za!” everytime she got a little ahead.

One of the houses on our route did a haunted house for the kids!

One of the houses in our neighborhood did a haunted house for the kids, which was super cool. You had to walk around to the back of the house to get the candy, and there were all sorts of people dressed up, popping out of you, and being spooky in general. It was funny, because Eliza was pretty much scolding people for jumping out at her. She didn’t like that part, and we thought it was really funny because she’s spent hours this year trying to convince us that she’s ready for haunted houses. Mom and Dad are right again. Better luck next year, Eli.

The kids pulled in 8 quarts of candy (and we only did two streets).

We only went trick-or-treating down two streets, but the kids sill pulled in eight quarts of candy. That is so ridiculous.

The spoils.

They had a ton of fun sorting through it, though.

@jake_nerdnest taped an old phone to our door & is using it to live stream trick-or-treaters to our TV (we don't have a doorbell).

Because we all went out trick-or-treating, we just left candy in a bowl at the door with a note. But when we came back, Jake taped an old cell phone to the door so he could stream a feed of trick-or-treaters to our TV so we’d know when to answer the door. We earn our blog name around here.

How was your Halloween?